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Early Bloomers

Vancouver Whitcomb cherry trees at Nicola park

“The three straggly ‘Whitcomb’ at Nicola Mini-Park are also showing signs of pink. ” – (Willard)

When this posting went up on the VCBF Neighbourhood Blogs forum on January 12, I felt a shiver of excitement down my spine: “Cherry blossom season has begun!”

The Whitcomb cherry trees at Nicola Park are one of the first cherry trees to bloom in Vancouver. When their tiny, deep pink cherry blossoms are open, it officially marks the start of our “pink wave” here in Vancouver (a pink wave that will reach its peak during the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival in April).


Whitcomb cherry blossoms are blooming mid-February to mid-March.  They purple pink flowers are small and photogenic.  Use the Neighbourhood Maps to locate a Whitcomb tree near you, grab your camera, and rejoice: Vancouver cherry blossom viewing has begun!

[Photos: Jessica Tremblay]

Cherry Scouts Photos

Rancho Cherry Trees Blooming at Victoria Drive

Rancho cherry trees are blooming beautifully on Victoria Drive, on several blocks north of Broadway.

20180407_Victoria6th_rancho_Tremblay_IMG_8869 20180407_Victoria6th_rancho_Tremblay_IMG_8917

The petals are small and delicate. The leaves are serrated, first green then turning to copper.

20180407_Victoria6th_rancho_TremblayIMG_8881 20180407_Victoria6th_rancho_TremblayIMG_8897

You’ll find Rancho everywhere around the city, including outside Pacific Centre, and in the middle of some intersections in Vancouver streets.

With over 54 varieties of cherry trees in Vancouver, there’s lots to see in the city.  You’ll find more information about Rancho cherry trees and 54 varieties of cherry trees Ornamental Cherries of Vancouver.

Happy cherry blossom viewing!

Cherry Scouts Photos

Whitcomb Cherry Trees Identification Guide (Infographic)


A helpful guide to identify Whitcomb cherry trees in Vancouver made into an infographic by cherry scout Jessica Tremblay.

The information comes from Ornamental Cherries in Vancouver, by Douglas Justice. Buy a copy to learn more about 54 cultivars of cherry trees in Vancouver and get ready for an awesome cherry blossom viewing season!

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Cherry Scouts Photos

Whitcomb cherry tree on the seawall (at the end of Denman)

whitcomb cherry tree at Denman and seawall whitcomb blossom at cardero and denman in Vancouver

At the end of Denman street, when you stroll on the seawall towards waterfront, a Whitcomb cherry tree catches your attention with its purple-pink flowers.

whitcomb blossom at cardero and denman in Vancouver whitcomb blossom at cardero and denman in Vancouver

A nearby downtown high-rise building creates an interesting background for photos.

whitcomb blossom at cardero and denman in Vancouver whitcomb blossom at cardero and denman in Vancouver

This Whitcomb cherry tree is located between the parking lot and the seawall so it’s accessible by car, foot, and bicycle.  The tree is about 50% bloomed, so dont’t wait too long to visit. Petals should begin to fall within 7-10 days.

To locate cherry trees in your neighborhood, check the VCBF Neighborhood maps 

Photos: Jessica Tremblay


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Cherry Scouts Photos

Autumnalis Rosea (winter cherries) on Georgia/Willingdon

On Georgia street you’ll find a dozen Autumnalis Rosea cherry trees spread over five blocks between Willingdon and Gilmore.

Autumnalis Rosea cherry blossoms always look like they just woke up with a massive case of bed hair: their petals are curled inwards. As a consequence, the flowers look a bit messy, but adorable.

Autumnalis Rosea at Georgia/Willingdon Autumnalis Rosea at Georgia/Willingdon

Autumnalis Rosea are winter cherries. They have really tiny flowers scattered on the tree,  so I hope your camera has a good zoom!

Autumnalis Rosea at Georgia/Willingdon Autumnalis Rosea at Georgia/Willingdon

The blossoms that survived winter look tired, but the good news is that when the sun comes out Autumnalis Rosea sometimes have another bloom in spring. Plan to visit on a sunny day, but hurry up: Autumnalis Rosea will be out of season pretty soon.

Check the VCBF Neighborhood maps to locate Autumnalis Rosea and see what else is blooming in your area.

Photos by Jessica Tremblay

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Cherry Scouts Photos

Whitcomb cherry trees at Nelson and Bute

This Whitcomb cherry tree at the corner of Nelson and Bute seems to be overtaken by vines.


 20170225_nelson_ bute_whitcomb_tremblay_IMG_3798

From the park across the street, you can take nice photos of the blossoms with apartment buildings in the background.

20170225_nelson_ bute_whitcomb_tremblay_IMG_3802 20170225_nelson_ bute_whitcomb_tremblay_IMG_7074

It’s nice to see Whitcomb cherry trees are finally starting to bloom after a pretty harsh winter in Vancouver (lots of snow!) Use the VCBF neighbourhood map to find Whitcomb cherry trees in Vancouver. Happy cherry blossom viewing!

Cherry Scouts Photos

Whitcomb cherry trees at Nicola and Beach

These Whitcomb cherry trees, located in front of a beautiful apartment building at Nicola and Beach, will please photographers.

20170225_Nicola_ Beach_Tremblay_IMG_3729

You can snap pictures of the blossoms and capture the nice architectural details on the building.

20170225_Nicola_ Beach_Tremblay_IMG_3728

There are plenty of blossoms at this location.

20170225_Nicola_ Beach_Tremblay_IMG_3721 20170225_Nicola_ Beach_Tremblay_IMG_3684

Fallen cherry blossoms are covering the sidewalk.

20170225_Nicola_ Beach_Tremblay_IMG_3698 20170225_Nicola_ Beach_Tremblay_IMG_3711

20170225_Nicola_ Beach_Tremblay_IMG_3732 20170225_Nicola_ Beach_Tremblay_IMG_3684

There are two more Shirofugen cherry trees (not in bloom) on each side of the main steps. When they bloom, this will be a spectacular photo opportunity!

20170225_Nicola_ Beach_Tremblay_IMG_3724 20170225_Nicola_ Beach_Tremblay_IMG_3725

The building was so beautiful. Across the street, there was a woman capturing the scene in watercolour painting.

This location is only steps away from the seawall. Visit soon. The tree is about 50% bloom.

Cherry Scouts Photos

Whitcomb cherry trees at Nicola and Pendrell

You can always count on the Whitcomb cherry trees located at Nicola and Pendrell to announce the beginning of the Vancouver cherry blossom season: they’re the first cherry trees to bloom in the city.

Whitcomb cherry trees on Nicola and Pendrell

The Whitcomb cherry blossoms are currently 40% open and worth a visit if you’re in the Vancouver West-End area.

20170225_Nicola_Pendrell_whitcomb_tremblay_IMG_3662 Whitcomb cherry trees on Nicola and Pendrell

Due to the presence of many electrical wires, you’ll need to zoom to get good pictures.

20170225_Nicola_Pendrell_whitcomb_tremblay_IMG_7029 Whitcomb cherry trees on Nicola and Pendrell

Don’t forget to look at your feet: the fallen blossoms can make good photos too.

Whitcomb cherry trees on Nicola and Pendrell 20170225_Nicola_Pendrell_whitcomb_tremblay_IMG_7012

Use the VCBF neighbourhood map to locate Whitcomb cherry trees in your area.

Happy cherry blossom viewing!


Cherry Scouts Photos Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Stanley Park Tree Talk and walk

It was a gorgeous day for our Stanley Park Tree Talk and Walk.

20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_3959 20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4046

About 35 people attended the tour lead by Bill Stephen (Park Board Superintendent of Urban Forestry) for a history of the park and a closer look at the cherry trees.

20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4072 20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4074

Akebono cherry petals were falling: at the slightest breeze, we were showered with petals. It was magical.

20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4051 20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_3984  20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4069 20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4052

The Akebono blossoms (nearing the end of season) were totally white, luminescent.

20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4076 20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4079

Cherry Scout Wendy Cutler was wearing her blossom shoes for the occasion.


Between the rose garden and the pavilion, we stopped to see a small Takasago (hidden by other trees) on a trail.

20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4080 20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4089

Along the way, Bill talked about other types of trees in Stanley Park like the sycamores and Douglas firs.


The white Shirotae leading to the Japanese memorial were in full bloom.

20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4116 20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4107

At the Japanese memorial, we concluded our walk with the Ojochin cherry tree (also in full bloom). You could see copper leaves coming out.

IMG_4131 20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4153 20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4184 20160328_StanleyParkTreeTalkWalk_Tremblay_IMG_4186

Cherry petals are falling fast in Stanley Park (that’s why we had to reschedule the walk for today so people would get a chance to see the blossoms). Visit within the next 2 days to be showered with petals.


Check out our webpage for regular updates on the upcoming tree talk and walks.



Cherry Scouts Photos

Pandora cherry trees blooming behind Brentwood mall

I went to take a look at the beautiful Pandora cherry trees behind Brentwood Mall (at Fairlawn and Brentlawn) in Burnaby.  They looked spectacular!

20160306_fairlawnbrentlawn_Pandora_tremblayIMG_0749 20160306_fairlawnbrentlawn_Pandora_tremblayIMG_0637

The flowers are almost fully open.

20160306_fairlawnbrentlawn_Pandora_tremblayIMG_0643 20160306_fairlawnbrentlawn_Pandora_tremblayIMG_0644

You can identify Pandora cherry blossoms by the darker shade of pink at the tip of the petals.

20160306_fairlawnbrentlawn_Pandora_tremblayIMG_0653 20160306_fairlawnbrentlawn_Pandora_tremblayIMG_0670


Also, the flowers of the Pandora cherry trees fall WHOLE on the ground.


Make sure to visit Pandora cherry trees within the next week. Check our VCBF neighborhood map to locate Pandora cultivars.

Photos: Jessica Tremblay