Downtown Akebono Blossoms Looking Great

Easter Week-end is always a great time to go cherry blossom viewing in Vancouver. The Akebono cherry trees are in bloom and looking spectacular.

My favorite location is Georgia and Denman which has a beautiful reflective pool:

20180331_GeorgiaDenman_Akebono_Tremblay_IMG_7714 20180331_GeorgiaDenman_Akebono_Tremblay_IMG_7735

At the entrance of Stanley Park, at Alberni, young akebono will allow you to take close-ups:

20180331_alberniStanleyPark_akebono_Tremblay_20180331_alberniStanleyPark_akebono_Tremblay_ 20180331_alberniStanleyPark_akebono_Tremblay_

Instead of entering Stanley Park (cherry trees in that location always need a few more days to bloom), I opted to wander in the West-End where you can encounter Akebono in bloom at various street corners, such as here in Nelson and Broughton:

20180331_NelsonBroughton_Akebono_Tremblay_IMG_7927 20180331_NelsonBroughton_Akebono_Tremblay_IMG_7927

There are lots of buds in the Downtown trees, which means you still have time to visit. They should be in full bloom within 2-3 days.

Attend one of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival’s Tree Talks and Walks to learn more about cherry trees.

Cherry Scouts Photos

Autumnalis Rosea (winter cherries) on Georgia/Willingdon

On Georgia street you’ll find a dozen Autumnalis Rosea cherry trees spread over five blocks between Willingdon and Gilmore.

Autumnalis Rosea cherry blossoms always look like they just woke up with a massive case of bed hair: their petals are curled inwards. As a consequence, the flowers look a bit messy, but adorable.

Autumnalis Rosea at Georgia/Willingdon Autumnalis Rosea at Georgia/Willingdon

Autumnalis Rosea are winter cherries. They have really tiny flowers scattered on the tree,  so I hope your camera has a good zoom!

Autumnalis Rosea at Georgia/Willingdon Autumnalis Rosea at Georgia/Willingdon

The blossoms that survived winter look tired, but the good news is that when the sun comes out Autumnalis Rosea sometimes have another bloom in spring. Plan to visit on a sunny day, but hurry up: Autumnalis Rosea will be out of season pretty soon.

Check the VCBF Neighborhood maps to locate Autumnalis Rosea and see what else is blooming in your area.

Photos by Jessica Tremblay

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Cherry Scouts Photos

Autumnalis Rosea on Georgia (corner Willingdon) in Burnaby


You’ll find over a dozen Autumnalis Rosea cherry trees blooming now on Georgia street. The trees are spread, in groups of two or three, over five blocks (between Willingdon and MacDonald).


Autumnalis Rosea are  “winter cherries”. They start blooming in December and last until February-March.


The Autumnalis Rosea blossoms are  small and sparse on the branches. Not as spectacular as our spring cherries, but still worth a visit.


With a zoom, you’ll be able to isolate the flowers and get a good close-up.


February is usually the peak blooming period for Autumnalis Rosea, so don’t miss them.

Check the VCBF Neighborhood maps to locate autumnalis rosea in your area.


I walked on Georgia all the way down to MacDonald. When I turned to walk back towards Willingdon, I noticed the moon peaking between cherry branches.  (This was taken January 28, 2015. If you hurry, you might be able to take the same shot).


The blossoms are falling on the pavement.


Take a moment to photograph the fallen petals or blossoms at your feet: they make good pictures too!


Autumnalis Rosea photos taken by Jessica Tremblay on January 28, 2015 on Georgia street (five blocks between Willingdon and MacDonals)