Cherry Scouts Photos

Rancho Cherry Trees Blooming at Victoria Drive

Rancho cherry trees are blooming beautifully on Victoria Drive, on several blocks north of Broadway.

20180407_Victoria6th_rancho_Tremblay_IMG_8869 20180407_Victoria6th_rancho_Tremblay_IMG_8917

The petals are small and delicate. The leaves are serrated, first green then turning to copper.

20180407_Victoria6th_rancho_TremblayIMG_8881 20180407_Victoria6th_rancho_TremblayIMG_8897

You’ll find Rancho everywhere around the city, including outside Pacific Centre, and in the middle of some intersections in Vancouver streets.

With over 54 varieties of cherry trees in Vancouver, there’s lots to see in the city.  You’ll find more information about Rancho cherry trees and 54 varieties of cherry trees Ornamental Cherries of Vancouver.

Happy cherry blossom viewing!


Rancho at Pacific Centre (Georgia/Howe)



There are seven Rancho cherry trees outside Pacific Centre (Georgia/Howe) in Downtown Vancouver.



The blossoms are quite large and bright pink.



The leaves are reddinsh brown (with a touch of green) and coming out with the flowers.



It looks like there are only three flowers coming out of each bud.


Good spot for hanami picnic? There are circular benches around each cherry tree, as well as metal benches nearby. However, it’s  a busy location, with people coming in and ouf of the shopping mall. Inside the atrium at Pacific Center, there are lots of seats facing the trees, so it’s a good place to do your cherry blossom viewing indoors or to have a picnic inside on a rainy day.



Downsides: There are Christmas lights are wrapped around the trunk and branches, and they will probably be visible in your pics. On the other hand, this might be a fun  location to try to take pics of cherry blossoms by night.


Photo tips: try taking pictures of the cherry blossoms with the Georgia Hotel sign, the clock tower, the round lampshades, or against the windows of skyscrapers. This is a fun location for photographers.


The Rancho flowers are big, bright pink and and really cute.  The trees are small, but they are worth a visit, especially if you’ve never seen a Rancho cherry tree (you’ll get to see seven at this location).


Check out our neighborhood maps to find Rancho cherry trees in your area.