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Blooming Now: a visual timeline for cherry blossom viewing in Vancouver

This visual timeline features the estimated blooming period for ten of the most common cultivars of cherry trees in Vancouver: Whitcomb, Beni-Shidare, Accolade, Akebono, Umineko / Snow Goose,  Shirotae, Shirofugen, Kanzan, Kiku-shidare-zakura, Shogetsu.

Happy cherry blossom viewing!

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Timeline of Vancouver Cherry Blossoms blooming date for 2020. Photos by Jessica Tremblay, dates from


Cherry Scouts Photos

Accolade cherry blossoms in Vancouver (infographics)

Accolade cherry blossoms in Vancouver

Accolade is one of the first cherry trees to bloom in early March in Vancouver, Canada. It’s recognizable by its bright pink double flowers with up to twelve petals.

The most popular location to view Accolade cherry blossoms are

  • Chilco Park
  • Vancouver City Hall

Accolade cherry trees bloom in March and look great, especially against a blue sky, and will please photographers. Visit them in mid-March for peak bloom.

Cherry Scouts Photos

Six stages of cherry blossom development from buds to flowers (infographics)

Six stages of cherry blossoms

Forty thousand cherry trees bloom in Vancouver in the spring. Find a cherry tree in your neighbourhood and watch as the buds develop into fully grown flowers in just a few weeks.

  • Stage one: green round buds
  • Stage two: florets visible
  • Stage three: extension of florets
  • Stage four: peduncle elongation
  • Stage five: fluffy white petals
  • Stage six: peak bloom

Since stage one can last a long time it’s when florets become visible at stage two that we can predict peak bloom is about 20 days away.

The photos feature the buds and blossoms of an Akebono cherry tree, but the stages of development are very similar for all cultivars of cherry blossoms.

Cherry Scouts Photos

Whitcomb Cherry Trees Identification Guide (Infographic)

A helpful guide to identify Whitcomb cherry trees in Vancouver made into an infographic by cherry scout Jessica Tremblay.

The information comes from Ornamental Cherries in Vancouver, by Douglas Justice. Buy a copy to learn more about 54 cultivars of cherry trees in Vancouver and get ready for an awesome cherry blossom viewing season!

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How to tell the difference between cherry trees and plum trees (infographic)


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