Festival Song : Cherry Blossoms For You & Me

Video produced by Keith Blackmore

The Festival Songbook launches our new original song, Cherry Blossoms For You & Me composed by JUNO award-winning Tom Landa and Robin Layne, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, the haunting Navajo chant Now I Walk in Beauty, and Japanese folk song Sakura Sakura in honour of Japan’s gift of cherry trees to our city in celebration of international friendship. Choir conductors are encouraged to incorporate rehearsals of this repertoire into their schedules and then come together for the one massed choir rehearsal/performance.

Dance Moves


Cherry Blossom For You & Me

Christ Church Cathedral Videos
Cherry Blossoms For You & Me

Sakura Days Japan Fair Video

Cherry Blossoms For You & Me

Video Rehearsal with Sound Eclectic and conductor Kathryn Nicholson at Chown Memorial & Chinese United Church
Cherry Blossoms For You and Me

Festival Songbook Music Scores
Cherry Blossoms For You and Me

Cherry Blossom Origami

Please enjoy making our new cherry blossom origami, graciously provided by Joseph Wuand Barry E. Weinbaum. The instructions are below and an additional template can be found here.

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