Cherry Scouts Photos

Whitcomb Cherry Petals are falling at Tea Swamp Park (Sofia/15th ave.)

I visited Tea Swamp Park (Sofia/15th ave.) to see the shower of petals coming from the Whitcomb cherry trees.

Whitcombs cherry trees are the first cherry trees to bloom in Vancouver, so they’re the first cherry trees to lose their petals.


Although you expect it, it’s always kind of sad to see the petals falling.

20160305_TeaSwampPark_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0634 20160305_TeaSwampPark_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0633

Hurry up and visit within the next 2-3 days. Whitcomb petals are falling quickly! Find a location near you using the VCBF Neighborhood map.


Photos: Jessica Tremblay

Cherry Scouts Photos

Whitcomb Cherry Blossoms (Ayshire Drive)

20160302_Ayshire_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6605 20160302_Ayshire_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6603

20160302_Ayshire_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6620   20160302_Ayshire_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6597

I went back to Ayshire Drive in North Burnaby. Whitcomb cherry blossoms are now fully open and look beautiful, even in the rain.

What a difference a couple of weeks can make! Here’s a photo from my visit of February 20 2016 and of today March 2 2016:

February 20, 2016 (Ayshire Drive)


March 2 2016 (Ayshire Drive)




Whitcomb cherry trees at McSpadden Park

The Whitcomb cherry trees are blooming nicely at McSpadden Park (5th and Victoria Drive). There are about 12 trees.  Use the VCBF neighborhood map to find Whitcomb trees in your neighborhood.


20160221_macspaddenpark_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6542 20160221_macspaddenpark_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6550 20160221_macspaddenpark_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6554 20160221_macspaddenpark_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6556 20160221_macspaddenpark_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6559 20160221_macspaddenpark_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6561 20160221_macspaddenpark_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6566 20160221_macspaddenpark_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6578


Whitcomb cherry blossoms at Ayshire Drive (Burnaby)

There are 17 Whitcomb cherry trees in bloom at at the corner Ayshire Drive and Aubrey in North Burnaby. These pictures were taken about one hour before sunset. Use the VCBF neighborhood map to find Whitcomb trees in your neighborhood.

2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0147    2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_01392016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0120    2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0140 2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0146    2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_MG_0155

Cherry Scouts Photos

Whitcomb at Westridge Elementary School 615 Duncan/Union

20150220_615DuncanUnion_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_4864 20150220_615DuncanUnion_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_4871 20150220_615DuncanUnion_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_4877 20150220_615DuncanUnion_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_4880

This Whitcomb cherry tree is located outside Westridge Elementary School at 615 Duncan/Union in Burnaby. There are two park benches underneath.

Wthicomb cherry trees are in full bloom right now.  Find Whitcomb cherry trees in your area with the VCBF Neighborhood map.

Cherry Scouts Photos

Whitcomb at 6543 Union/Kensington at sunset

20150220_6543UnonKensington_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_4827  20150220_6543UnonKensington_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_4829

This Whitcomb cherry tree at 6543 Union/Kensington was glowing in the sunset (around 5:30pm) today.
20150220_6543UnonKensington_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_4805 20150220_6543UnonKensington_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_4816

There are lots of low branches, which is great for close-ups.


Whitcomb are in full bloom everywhere in the Vancouver area.

Find them now on the VCBF Neighborhood map.

Cherry Scouts Photos

Whitcomb cherry at Government House in Victoria, BC


Photo credit: Lotus Johnson, [email protected] Rights Reserved.

Lotus Johnson has posted a few photos of a ‘Whitcomb’ cherry at Government House in Victoria, in a protected location, one-quarter in bloom.

Usually ‘Whitcomb’ do a little preview in January, with a few branches showing open flowers. This is one of her photos on flickr.

Victoria often sees cherry blossoms a little bit earlier than Vancouver because of a warmer climate.


Whitcomb cherry tree (Broadway and Cliff)


Whitcomb cherry trees are blooming in the Vancouver area right now. This tree is in Burnaby North, at Broadway and Cliff.



Whitcomb cherry blossoms have a nice dark pink color that makes them easy to identify, especially since they are the first cherry trees to bloom in Vancouver in the spring (followed closely by Accolade cherry trees).



This Whitcomb tree is full of buds.



To learn to identify cherry trees, it’s a good idea to observe them at different stages of blooming. Here you can see there are more than one flowers coming out of the cherry bud.

This is important to note, since one of the first things you’ll learn as a cherry scout is the difference between cherry trees and plum trees. Plum trees only have one flower coming out of each bud. But more about that later…


Whitcomb cherry trees are worth a visit right now.

Find out where to find Whitcomb cherry trees using our neighborhour maps


Photography tip: At this location, the blossoms are high, except for one low branch, so you’ll need a good zoom on your camera.  Also, an electric wire passes over the tree, so make sure you don’t get it in the shot.  Go now if you want pictures of cherry buds and freshly opened blossoms. The tree should bloom for another 7-10 days.

Good for hanami picnic? No. The tree is on a private property, on the side of a very busy road.


Whitcomb cherry trees in a park (Nicola/Pendrell)


There are four Whitcomb cherry trees in full bloom in a small park located on Nicola (corner of Pendrell) in the West-End of Vancouver.


Little birds are playing in the Whitcomb cherry blossoms, which makes it a really fun location.


The blossoms are located high up in the trees: you’ll need a good zoom on your camera.


Petals are already falling, so hurry up to see these beautiful cherry trees!


Find more Whitcomb cherry trees in your neighboorhood.


Whitcomb cherry tree on the seawall (Bayshore/Denman)


It was a lovely day to go cherry-blossom viewing today: the sun was finally out. Pink blossoms and blue sky are what you want to see at this time of year!


I saw this Whitcomb cherry tree, located between the seawall and the parking lot on Bayshore/Denman. It’s starting to bloom nicely.


From a different angle:  the cherry tree is planted near a skyrise.


Whitcomb cherry blossoms in front of a skyscrapper in Vancouver. So pretty!


The tree is still budding, which means plenty more blossoms to come.


This tree is definitely worth a visit on a sunny day.

To learn to identify whitcomb cherry trees (and 54 other varieties of cherry blossom in Vancouver), get your copy of Ornamental cherries in Vancouver.