Another beautiful day of cherry blossom viewing

After a first day of teleworking, I reward myself with one hour of cherry blossom viewing.

At this time, the instructions from the city of Vancouver regarding the control of COVID-19 say you’re allowed to go outside as long as you maintain social distancing and don’t congregate in groups.  This means no cherry blossom picnics, but  a quick walk by yourself in the neighbourhood is fine.

The Whitcomb cherry trees at Ayshire and Aubrey are fully bloomed. The flowers are beautiful. They’re buzzing with bees! Petals haven’t started to fall yet.

20200319_ayshireaubrey_whitcomb_tremblay_IMG_4439 20200319_ayshireaubrey_whitcomb_tremblay_IMG_4444


This Accolade tree at Halifax and Kensington might be missing a branch or two, but the blossoms are splendid! Accolade are only about 20-30% bloomed in Burnaby, so you have another 7-10 days to visit.

20200319_halifaxkensington_tremblay_IMG_4449 20200319_halifaxkensington_tremblay_IMG_4457


The Okame cherry tree at Charles and Fell might be slightly past its prime — lots of tiny petals on the ground, and most remaining blossoms have missing petals — but it’s such a rare tree that it’s worth a trip.  Visit within 5 days.

By the way, Okame have some of the smallest petals I’ve ever seen on the ground. So cute!

Tip: Visit in the morning or early afternoon. The sun set behind the house, which blocks the light. These pics were taken about 5 pm and there was only one ray of sunshine at the top of the canopy.

Also make sure to take a photo of the long calyx (the back of the flower), since that’s what this flower is famous for.

20200319_charlesfell_okame_tremblay_IMG_4494 20200319_charlesfell_okame_tremblay_IMG_4477 Okame cherry petals cover the sidewalk at Charles and Fell in Burnaby. 20200319_charlesfell_okame_tremblay_IMG_4491

I hope you’re taking care of yourself in these difficult times.If you are feeling stressed, go out and visit a cherry tree in your neighbourhood. (You can use the VCBF Neighbourhood map to find the trees blooming now in your area). And pleasee maintain social distancing.

Cherry Scouts Photos

A full day of cherry blossom viewing in Vancouver

First, I visit the Accolade cherry trees at Chilco Park (Chilco/Comox). “Hey, the cherry blossoms are out!” said a man cycling by.

Tip: The Accolade blossoms are 70% in bloom. Visit this location within 10 days to enjoy peak blossom.


Then, I check on the Akebono cherry trees at Burrard skytrain station.  Mostly buds, but the trees at the front (which are exposed to the sun) already have a few flowers.

Tip: It looks like the cherry blossoms will be fully open in 10 days. Visit around March 25 to experience peak bloom.


Whitcombs cherry blossoms at Ayshire and Aubrey in Burnaby are finally open. The trees are bloomed at 70%.

Tip: Visit within 7 days to catch peak bloom and 10-15 days to be showered in petals.


Wow! That was an exciting day of cherry scouting!  At night, I sort through my photos. The next day, I post my findings on the UBC botanical garden forum.

Tip: Did you know you can see what’s blooming in your neighbourhood by visiting the UBC botanical garden forum? Click on your neighborhood and navigate to the last page to see what was posted recently.

Additional tip: Create a login and you’ll be able to subscribe to a thread to receive news of blooming trees in your neighbourhood.

If you’d like to learn how to identify cherry trees, visit the VCBF cherry scout page.


Our five favourite spots to see Whitcomb cherry trees

Whitcomb cherry trees are blooming in the city. At Nicola Park the trees are fully bloomed while in other areas the Whitcomb have just started to show bright pink blossoms. Visit these five locations in the next week or two to see peak bloom.

1. Nicola Park (corner Pendrell, Downtown)

Whitcomb cherry trees at Nicola Park
Whitcomb cherry trees at Nicola Park (February 15, 2020).

2- Denman (Seawall, Stanley Park)

Whitcomb cherry tree on the seawall at the end of Denman street.
Whitcomb cherry tree on the seawall at the end of Denman street (February 29, 2020).

3. Nicola/Beach (Downtown)

Whitcomb cherry tree at Nicola and Beach.
Whitcomb cherry tree at Nicola and Beach (February 15, 2020).

4. Aubrey/Ayshire (Burnaby)

Whitcomb cherry trees at Aubrey and Ayshire in Burnaby.
Whitcomb cherry trees at Aubrey and Ayshire in Burnaby (February 29, 2020).

5-McSpaden Park

Whitcomb cherry trees at McSpaden Park
Whitcomb cherry trees at McSpaden Park (March 3, 2020)


Happy cherry blossom viewing!

Whitcomb cherry blossoms on the seawall at the end of Denman street in Vancouver.
Whitcomb cherry blossoms on the seawall at the end of Denman street in Vancouver (February 29, 2020).



Whitcomb cherry blossoms at Ayshire Drive (Burnaby)

There are 17 Whitcomb cherry trees in bloom at at the corner Ayshire Drive and Aubrey in North Burnaby. These pictures were taken about one hour before sunset. Use the VCBF neighborhood map to find Whitcomb trees in your neighborhood.

2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0147    2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_01392016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0120    2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0140 2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0146    2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_MG_0155