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Whitcomb Cherry Blossoms (Ayshire Drive)

20160302_Ayshire_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6605 20160302_Ayshire_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6603

20160302_Ayshire_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6620   20160302_Ayshire_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_6597

I went back to Ayshire Drive in North Burnaby. Whitcomb cherry blossoms are now fully open and look beautiful, even in the rain.

What a difference a couple of weeks can make! Here’s a photo from my visit of February 20 2016 and of today March 2 2016:

February 20, 2016 (Ayshire Drive)


March 2 2016 (Ayshire Drive)




Whitcomb cherry blossoms at Ayshire Drive (Burnaby)

There are 17 Whitcomb cherry trees in bloom at at the corner Ayshire Drive and Aubrey in North Burnaby. These pictures were taken about one hour before sunset. Use the VCBF neighborhood map to find Whitcomb trees in your neighborhood.

2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0147    2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_01392016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0120    2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0140 2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_0146    2016I0220_AyshireCrescent_Whitcomb_Tremblay_MG_0155