Whitcomb cherry trees in a park (Nicola/Pendrell)


There are four Whitcomb cherry trees in full bloom in a small park located on Nicola (corner of Pendrell) in the West-End of Vancouver.


Little birds are playing in the Whitcomb cherry blossoms, which makes it a really fun location.


The blossoms are located high up in the trees: you’ll need a good zoom on your camera.


Petals are already falling, so hurry up to see these beautiful cherry trees!


Find more Whitcomb cherry trees in your neighboorhood.


Whitcomb cherry tree on the seawall (Bayshore/Denman)


It was a lovely day to go cherry-blossom viewing today: the sun was finally out. Pink blossoms and blue sky are what you want to see at this time of year!


I saw this Whitcomb cherry tree, located between the seawall and the parking lot on Bayshore/Denman. It’s starting to bloom nicely.


From a different angle:  the cherry tree is planted near a skyrise.


Whitcomb cherry blossoms in front of a skyscrapper in Vancouver. So pretty!


The tree is still budding, which means plenty more blossoms to come.


This tree is definitely worth a visit on a sunny day.

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Whitcombs are starting to bloom


Whitcomb cherries are in the early stage of blooming. This picture was taken by a cherry scout in South Burnaby (Sussex and Rumble).

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Whitcomb cherry (Burnaby North)

whitcomb-blossom- broadway and cliff by-JT-March72013-IMG_9559

Today on Broadway street (corner of Cliff), I went to investigate a tree with dark pink blossoms and discovered with pleasure that it was a Whitcomb cherry tree!

whitcomb-blossom- broadway and cliff by-JT-March72013-IMG_9559

The tree is almost fully bloom.

whitcomb-blossom- broadway and cliff by-JT-March72013-IMG_9559

Photographer’s tips: There are no low branches on this tree so make sure you bring a camera with a good zoom. (Warning: presence of  poles and wires.)  Traffic is heavy on Broadway and  there’s no parking. You’ll have to park on the adjacent streets and walk from there.

whitcomb-blossom- broadway and cliff by-JT-March72013-IMG_9559

And don’t forget to look at your feet, too!

Also blooming now in Burnaby North: Two Accolade cherry trees on Halifax, corner of Kensington.