Cherry Scouts Photos

20150218_broadwaymaclean_accolade_tremblay_IMG_4780_1 20150218_broadwaymaclean_accolade_tremblay_IMG_4789_1

20150218_broadwaymaclean_accolade_tremblay_IMG_4765_1 20150218_broadwaymaclean_accolade_tremblay_IMG_4768_1 20150218_broadwaymaclean_accolade_tremblay_IMG_4790_1  20150218_broadwaymaclean_accolade_tremblay_IMG_4764_1

Accolade cherry blossoms are starting to bloom.  Don’t miss the opportunity to photograph the buds (bright pink) and the newly open flower.

Check out the VCBF neighborhood map to find Accolade cherry trees in your area.

All photos by Jessica Tremblay shot today at MacLean/Broadway.

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