Accolade at City Hall

‘Accolade’ are blooming now at City Hall.

Willard, UBC Botanical Garden Forums Blog for Mount Pleasant
Photo: Willard.
Photo: Willard.
Photo: Willard.
Photo: Willard.

Accolade Cherry Blossoms at 5th and Nootka

The news comes at noon.

“You can leave, now. You’re gonna work from home.”

“For how long?”

“We don’t know.”

Like many people, I’m sent home as the Province of British Columbia closes the schools and other businesses in an effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The skytrain is nearly empty with only six people, sitting far from each other. A few wears surgical masks.

I make a quick visit to the Accolade cherry trees on 5th and Nootka. A last attempt at cherry blossom viewing before the city declares a state of emergency.

Unfortunately I’m too early. There are lots of buds, but only a few blossoms. The Accolade are not “ready”.

accolade cherry branch in front of a building accolade cherry branch in front of a building accolade cherry branch in front of a building accolade cherry trees with Burnaby skyline

What about me? Was I “ready” for what would come next? The long period of isolation, the frustration at not being able to go outside, empty grocery store shelves, the closures of libraries and movie theatres, the cancellation or concerts and festivals, and any gathering of more than 50 people…

Accolade cherry trees

How can anyone ever be ready for this?

We don’t have to be ready. We just have to accept it.

When I look closely, I do find some blossoms, which makes me feel better.

accolade cherry trees with Burnaby skyline  Accolade cherry blossoms


Before heading back, I take one last photo.  My camera whirs and shows me five different colourful versions of the same photo.  I accidentally set my camera to “Creative Shot” mode. The last photo is surreal.

This is the new reality. It might not be what you expect, but it’s what you get. You have to accept it. And, you know what, it’s not that bad.  Different, but not that bad.  We can get through this.

Accolade cherry tree

Cherry Scouts Photos

Accolade cherry blossoms in Vancouver (infographics)

Accolade cherry blossoms in Vancouver

Accolade is one of the first cherry trees to bloom in early March in Vancouver, Canada. It’s recognizable by its bright pink double flowers with up to twelve petals.

The most popular location to view Accolade cherry blossoms are

  • Chilco Park
  • Vancouver City Hall

Accolade cherry trees bloom in March and look great, especially against a blue sky, and will please photographers. Visit them in mid-March for peak bloom.

Cherry Scouts Photos

A full day of cherry blossom viewing in Vancouver

First, I visit the Accolade cherry trees at Chilco Park (Chilco/Comox). “Hey, the cherry blossoms are out!” said a man cycling by.

Tip: The Accolade blossoms are 70% in bloom. Visit this location within 10 days to enjoy peak blossom.


Then, I check on the Akebono cherry trees at Burrard skytrain station.  Mostly buds, but the trees at the front (which are exposed to the sun) already have a few flowers.

Tip: It looks like the cherry blossoms will be fully open in 10 days. Visit around March 25 to experience peak bloom.


Whitcombs cherry blossoms at Ayshire and Aubrey in Burnaby are finally open. The trees are bloomed at 70%.

Tip: Visit within 7 days to catch peak bloom and 10-15 days to be showered in petals.


Wow! That was an exciting day of cherry scouting!  At night, I sort through my photos. The next day, I post my findings on the UBC botanical garden forum.

Tip: Did you know you can see what’s blooming in your neighbourhood by visiting the UBC botanical garden forum? Click on your neighborhood and navigate to the last page to see what was posted recently.

Additional tip: Create a login and you’ll be able to subscribe to a thread to receive news of blooming trees in your neighbourhood.

If you’d like to learn how to identify cherry trees, visit the VCBF cherry scout page.


Beautiful Accolade cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall

Vancouver City Hall on a Saturday morning. Perfect time to go see Accolade cherry trees that are starting to bloom on the North Face!

Accolade cherry blossoms Accolade cherry blossoms Accolade cherry blossoms and buds on a branch. Accolade cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall

During my visit on February 29, only five percent of the flowers are open.  Visit between March 10-21 to see spectacular blossoms during peak bloom.

You might also be interested in photos of this location in 2019, 2018, 2016, 2015.

Happy cherry blossom viewing!




Vancouver City Hall Gets Accolade

Kick off your cherry blossom viewing season with a visit to Vancouver City Hall to see the beautiful Accolade cherry blossoms and get your iconic photo of Captain George Vancouver pointing at the blossoms!

Accolade cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall Accolade cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall Accolade cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall

It’s a busy location so visit on the week-end or in late afternoon (when city hall is closed) for a better experience.


Magnificent Accolade at Chilco Park

If you’re in the Downtown West-end, it’s a good time to visit the Accolade cherry trees in Chilco Park.

20180311_ChilcoPark_Accolade_tremblay_IMG_7814  20180311_ChilcoPark_Accolade_tremblay_IMG_7814

There are a few chairs in the park, so sit, take a deep breath, and check out the flowers.

20180311_ChilcoPark_Accolade_tremblay_IMG_7814 20180311_ChilcoPark_Accolade_tremblay_IMG_7814

Some blossoms have started to fall, but there are plenty of blossoms and buds in the trees.  Visit this location within seven-ten days to see the flowers at their best.

Visit the VCBF neighborhoud maps to find other Accolade cherry trees in your area.




Accolade greetings at Vancouver City Hall

At Vancouver City Hall, it’s the perfect time to see the Accolade cherry trees. They are in full bloom. Petals are not even falling yet.

20170330_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_img_4343 (1)

From up the steps, near the entrance, you can take close-ups of the blossoms and beautiful architectural details.


From down the steps, you can take pictures of Captain George Vancouver’s statue.


Tip: visit when city hall is closed (after 5:00 p.m.) for unobstructed view of the entrance.

Accolade cherry trees are in full bloom in Vancouver right now. Check the VCBF neighbourhood maps and do a Search for Cultivars: Accolade to find them in your neighbourhood.

Cherry Scouts Photos

Accolade Cherry Trees at Vancouver City Hall

With a forecast of 12 degrees and partly cloudy, I headed to Vancouver City Hall to look at the Accolade cherry trees. The trees were in full bloom!

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_st_IMG_0342 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_CU_IMG_0397

If you walk up the steps towards the entrance, you’ll be able to take close-ups of the buds and the flowers.

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_d_IMG_0508 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_CU_IMG_0416

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_buds_IMG_0421 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_CU_IMG_0462

There are park benches where you can have a snack and look at the blossoms over your head.

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_0436 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_0439

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_med_IMG_0455 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_med_IMG_0459

It’s always fun to try to get a picture of the statue of George Vancouver pointing at the Accolade cherry blossoms.

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_sl_IMG_0390 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_st_IMG_0339

The petals and flowers are starting to fall. Visit this location within the end of the week.

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_fallen_IMG_0392 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_fallen_IMG_0472


Wanna know where you can find Accolade cherry trees in your area? Browse the VCBF neighborhood map.

Photos: Jessica Tremblay

Cherry Scouts Photos

Accolade cherry blossoms at MacLean/Broadway

20150218_broadwaymaclean_accolade_tremblay_IMG_4780_1 20150218_broadwaymaclean_accolade_tremblay_IMG_4789_1

20150218_broadwaymaclean_accolade_tremblay_IMG_4765_1 20150218_broadwaymaclean_accolade_tremblay_IMG_4768_1 20150218_broadwaymaclean_accolade_tremblay_IMG_4790_1  20150218_broadwaymaclean_accolade_tremblay_IMG_4764_1

Accolade cherry blossoms are starting to bloom.  Don’t miss the opportunity to photograph the buds (bright pink) and the newly open flower.

Check out the VCBF neighborhood map to find Accolade cherry trees in your area.

All photos by Jessica Tremblay shot today at MacLean/Broadway.