Cherry Scouts Photos


Cherry blossom season has begun!   Whitcomb cherry trees started blooming early in Vancouver thanks to a warm winter.


I went to investigate a pink blooming tree located at 1910 Holdom (corner Buchanan) in Burnaby, 4 minutes from the Holdom skytrain station.

As I approached the tree, I noticed the horizontal bars (called lenticels) on the trunk, which was one clue that this was indeed a cherry tree and not a plum tree  (the trunk of plum trees is darker and doesn’t have horizontal bars).


The Whitcomb cherry blossoms are dark pink.  They just started to open!


With a good zoom, you’ll be able to take nice shots.


Unfortunately, there’s an electrical pole next to the tree, which means  electric wires overhead.


There are plenty of buds. This tree will be blooming for at least another week.


The branch is not even full. You can expect more blossoms.


It’s nice to see some sunshine in Vancouver.

Check out the Whitcomb cherry trees in your area  using the VCBF Neighborhood map.

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