Accolade cherry blossoms

Have you seen the first signs of spring in your neighborhood yet?

Last week, during a bus ride onboard #136, I noticed a bit of pink in a tree on Halifax street (corner of Kensington) in Burnaby. Today was a sunny day so I decided to go investigate (first rule of cherry blossom viewing: if it’s sunny, you HAVE to go out and take pictures!).

At first, the tree didn’t look like much:


But as I got closer, I noticed the pink blossoms here and there:

Accolade cherry blossoms -halifax-kensington-march-3-2013-by-jt-IMG_9266

There were lots of buds on this Accolade cherry tree and the blossoms were blooming earlier than usual:

Accolade cherry blossoms

I was there at around 12.30pm. The sun was high and it was perfect to take some close-ups.

Accolade cherry blossoms

All the pictures on this post were taken today at 12.30pm on Halifax street, corner Kensington, in Burnaby.

Check out the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival interactive map to find cherry blossoms in your area and see what’s blooming now.

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