Photos Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Yesterday’s news – double white ‘Ichihara-tora-no-o’ and ‘Shogetsu’

April 30, 2023. The festival has officially ended, but one month is far too short for showing off our beautiful blossoms. As long as the Cherry Scouts keep posting them, we’ll feature them here.

The whole area has just gone pink with ‘Kanzan’ cherries, but there are still rare gems showing off. Here are two with double white blossoms.

‘Ichihara-tora-no-o’, the tiger tail from Ichihara, the fanciful name referencing the way the flowers and leaves drape along the limbs.


If there could be said to be opposites, ‘Shogetsu’ might be it – instead of slithering along the limbs and branches, this cultivar’s flowers dangle from long stems, leading to its name meaning “moonlight through pine trees”.

20230426 PantagesCardero Shogetsu Willard  IMG_3286
20230426 PantagesCardero Shogetsu Willard IMG_3286