In today’s overdriven society the notion of a regular, peaceful sleep can seem like a distant concept. However, having enough sleep is important as it impacts our mood, ability to make choices and focus. In addition to these short term consequences, there are a variety of long term chronic conditions that a lack of sleep are linked to, these include: type two diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. A lack of sleep also impacts our productivity in the workplace, it impacts our “concentration, working memory, mathematical capacity, and logical reasoning” (Harvard Medical School). This is why the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival brings to you Blossomtime: Guided Imagery and Music for Relaxation and Sleep.

Inspired by the peaceful and tranquil environment created by the cherry blossom the Blossomtime relaxation and sleep tape provides listeners with 43 minutes of soothing and melodic vocals accompanied with instrumental music. Blossomtime triggers deep sleep by using the soothing, beautiful imagery of cherry blossoms. It can also assist in helping the body heal by activating deep relaxation when the body can rejuvenate. After using the tape a few times, Blossomtime will elicit the sleep response and you will automatically drift off to sleep time.

VCBF Executive Director, Linda Poole loves to go to her favourite place amongst cherry blossoms with Blossomtime to take time out from blossom busyness, relax and recharge.

Background Behind the tape:

Lis Smith, social worker and clinical hypnotherapist. Lis has had years of experience in using imagery to instill relaxation in patients. Lis’ inspiration behind creating a cherry blossom inspired meditation tape was initiated by her time as clinical hypnotherapist, she would often encourage her patients to relax under the soothing presence of a cherry blossom tree.

Laurel Murphy is a singer and sound practitioner. She has extensive experience in creating music for relaxation programs. In an interview with Laurel she noted that she has “seen the effectiveness in combining spoken word with music for instilling relaxation”. Laurel was inspired to create the Blossomtime tape as “falling cherry Blossoms are an effective guided meditation tool”.

Blossomtime can be purchased at Banyen Books and the Garden Shop at VanDusen Botanical Garden

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