During cherry blossom season, Point Grey Road resident Lesley Donaldson hangs some of her haiku on her hedge for everybody to enjoy.

Lesley, who submits poems to the Haiku Invitational every year, won an Honorable mention in 2008 for her haiku:

Carpet of blossoms—
my granddaughter in her pink dress
Does a twirl

— Lesley Donaldson (VCBF Haiku Invitational 2008 – Honorable mention)


The laminated haiku will go up again this year.  Come to see the four beautiful large cherry trees (on the corner of Collingwood street and Point Grey Road) and to read more of Lesley’s haiku, including:

Children’s tea party giggles—
The cherry blossoms
fall to join in

Blossoms cover the lawn—
my cats proudly walk
the pink carpet

The old man’s sticks fall—
a froth of pink blossoms
Rise from the ground

The smell of bread rising—
the cherry blossoms
slowly open

-Haiku by Lesley Donaldson


And don’t forget to submit your poems to the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational starting March 1st.

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