2024 Sakura Days Japan Fair –
Cherry Stage Schedule

Saturday, April 13, 2024

11:15-11:40Vancouver Eishin Ryu Iaido Club
12:00-12:20Opening Ceremony: Speeches and Kagamiwari
12:45-13:05The Sakura Singers
13:20-13:45Otowa Ryu Japanese Dance
14:30-15:00FEATURE: Keita Kanazashi & Chie Hanawa
15:20-15:50Satoha Shitoryu Karate do of Canada
16:20-16:50APPARE Yosakoi Vancouver
17:20-17:50SDJF Ondo Parade

Sunday, April 14, 2024

11:00-11:20Southern Wave Okinawan Music and Dance Society
11:35-12:00GO Taiko
12:15-12:40Shorinji Kempo
12:55-13:20Tomoe Kai
14:00-14:30FEATURE: Keita Kanazashi & Chie Hanawa
14:50-15:00Tenrikyo Joyous Stars
15:10-15:25Kisyuu Japanese Calligrapher
15:45-16:25Wailele Wai Wai
16:40-17:00Vancouver Okinawa Taiko

Feature group from Japan – Keita Kanazashi & Chie Hanawa

Saturday, April 13, 2024 (14:30-15:00)
Sunday, April 14, 2024 (14:00-14:30)

Taiko player Keita Kanazashi and Tsugaru Shamisen player Chie Hanawa are returning to perform as a duo at Sakura Days Japan Fair for the first time since 2016. Keita’s style of performance, mixed with elements of Kendo, Japanese dance and Kabuki-bayashi is praised as a high balanced fusion of daintiness, sensitiveness and dynamism with strong passion, or even elegance. At 17, Chie became the youngest ever winner in the female A group at the Tsugaru Shamisen national competition. 

Chie and Keita have formed their duo especially for this Vancouver visit. Given the expansive musical imagination and genre-defying versatility of both players, expect a performance that transcends the traditional Japanese folk music in which they are rooted.

About Chie
Chie Hanawa, a Tsugaru Shamisen artist from Ibaraki, Japan, began her training at age 9 under Mitsuyoshi Sasaki. Hanawa made her major debut with the album “Tsuki No Usagi” while studying at Tokyo University of the Arts, leading to performances in live music clubs in Tokyo. Her career has taken her from the Imperial Palace to international stages like the Cannes Lions Festival, with tours in the Americas, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, often sponsored by The Japan Foundation and Japanese diplomatic posts. Recently, she’s gained media attention with appearances in commercials and the Japanese pop music scene, continuing to draw interest as a rising Tsugaru Shamisen talent.

About Keita
Percussionist Keita Kanazashi started to play Taiko at local Tokyo festivals when he was 11 years old. In 2001, he formed the three-piece taiko group HA・YA・TO with his two younger brothers. Since then he has performed throughout Japan and internationally, in taiko ensembles, bands, and as a solo wadaiko artist.  Keita’s style of performance is deeply influenced by elements of Kendo, Japanese dance, and Kabuki-bayashi, and is praised as a beautifully balanced fusion of sensitivity, power, dynamism, profound passion, and breathtaking elegance.