Accolade at City Hall

‘Accolade’ are blooming now at City Hall.

Willard, UBC Botanical Garden Forums Blog for Mount Pleasant
Photo: Willard.
Photo: Willard.
Photo: Willard.
Photo: Willard.
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Accolade cherry blossoms in Vancouver (infographics)

Accolade cherry blossoms in Vancouver

Accolade is one of the first cherry trees to bloom in early March in Vancouver, Canada. It’s recognizable by its bright pink double flowers with up to twelve petals.

The most popular location to view Accolade cherry blossoms are

  • Chilco Park
  • Vancouver City Hall

Accolade cherry trees bloom in March and look great, especially against a blue sky, and will please photographers. Visit them in mid-March for peak bloom.


Beautiful Accolade cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall

Vancouver City Hall on a Saturday morning. Perfect time to go see Accolade cherry trees that are starting to bloom on the North Face!

Accolade cherry blossoms Accolade cherry blossoms Accolade cherry blossoms and buds on a branch. Accolade cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall

During my visit on February 29, only five percent of the flowers are open.  Visit between March 10-21 to see spectacular blossoms during peak bloom.

You might also be interested in photos of this location in 2019, 2018, 2016, 2015.

Happy cherry blossom viewing!




Vancouver City Hall Gets Accolade

Kick off your cherry blossom viewing season with a visit to Vancouver City Hall to see the beautiful Accolade cherry blossoms and get your iconic photo of Captain George Vancouver pointing at the blossoms!

Accolade cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall Accolade cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall Accolade cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall

It’s a busy location so visit on the week-end or in late afternoon (when city hall is closed) for a better experience.


Accolade greetings at Vancouver City Hall

At Vancouver City Hall, it’s the perfect time to see the Accolade cherry trees. They are in full bloom. Petals are not even falling yet.

20170330_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_img_4343 (1)

From up the steps, near the entrance, you can take close-ups of the blossoms and beautiful architectural details.


From down the steps, you can take pictures of Captain George Vancouver’s statue.


Tip: visit when city hall is closed (after 5:00 p.m.) for unobstructed view of the entrance.

Accolade cherry trees are in full bloom in Vancouver right now. Check the VCBF neighbourhood maps and do a Search for Cultivars: Accolade to find them in your neighbourhood.


Accolade cherry trees in bloom at Vancouver City Hall

20150304_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_5764 20150304_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_5771

Accolade cherry trees are in bloom at Vancouver City Hall, a five minute walk from Broadway-City Hall skytrain station.

20150304_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_5763 20150304_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_5773

The main entrance – where the Accolade trees are located – is facing North, so the trees near the stairs will most likely be in the shade when you visit.

If you climb the stairs, you can get great close-ups of the blossoms.


20150304_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_5818 20150304_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_5822

There are two Accolade on the East and West sides of the building. These trees might be drenched in sunlight depending on when you visit (these photos were taken between 1.30 pm-2.00pm). This is the tree on the West side.

20150304_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_5830 20150304_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_5832

The cherry tree on the West side has so many Accolade blossoms that they are all squished in.

20150304_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_5809 20150304_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_5813

There are two park benches on the East side of the property, for those who want to rest or have a quick snack. Prepare to be showered with cherry petals!

At this location, you can get a cool shot of George Vancouver pointing at the blossoms, but my photo didn’t turn out well this year, because of the sun glaring in the lens (you can see more photos of the Vancouver City hall blog post from 2014).

This location should be blooming for another week.

Photos: Jessica Tremblay


Vancouver City Hall in bloom

At Vancouver City Hall, the Accolades cherry trees are in bloom!



From the bottom of the stairs, the view is beautiful.


There are lots of people coming and going (it’s city hall, after all), so if you’re going to take pictures on a weekday, you might have to be patient to get a photo without people in it.


The statue of Captain George Vancouver makes this a fun location: with the right angle, you can get him pointing to the cherry blossoms!



You can do really nice close-ups of the Accolade cherry blossoms from the top of the stairs: you’re at the same height as the canopy!



The 12 storey city hall building makes a nice background.


Good spot for Hanami picnic?  Absolutely!


There are two park benches under the cherry trees, so it’s a great place to have a picnic.



You can enjoy your lunch as cherry petals fall gently around you.


If you stay there long enough, cherry petals will fall in your open palm.


Location: Vancouver City Hall, 453 West 12th Avenue.  The building is served by the Broadway–City Hall Station on SkyTrain’s Canada Line, 99-B line bus and #9 bus.
Go by this week-end, but definitely within the next week.