Okame cherry tree (Charles street/Fell)


This Okame cherry tree,  located on Charles Street (corner Fell) in Burnaby North, has dark pink – almost red – flowers. It would be easy to mistake it for a Whitcomb cherry tree or a plum tree.

As always, to identify a cherry tree, you have to get closer…


The main characteristics of the Okame is that the flowers have a long calyx tube.


The centre of the Okame cherry blossom is red, and red “veins” run through the petals.

The petals open wide, and far apart, all around the sepals (the “star” shape at the centre).


The red “heart” might be hard to see on young flowers that have not yet open. However, on these young blossoms, the long calyx would be a clue to identify them as Okame cherry blossoms.


The small slit at the end of each petals is clearly visible. This is a clue, along with the horizontal bars on the trunk, that these are, indeed, cherry blossoms (and not plum).


Looking at the fallen blossoms is an excellent way to learn more about cherry trees.


The Okame cherry petals are dark pink and very tiny.  The slit at the end of the petals is clearly visible against the sidewalk.


If you’ve never seen an Okame cherry tree, this location is worth a visit within the next week. There’s plenty of parking in the residential street.


Additional tips

Can’t make it to that location? No problem. Find out where you can find Okame cherries on our neighborhood map.

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