Cherry Scouts Photos

Viburnum x bodnantense (NOT cherry blossoms)

20140127_StanleyPark_Viburnum_MeighanMakarchuk.jpg (2)
Beware: these are viburnum x bodnantense (NOT cherry blossoms).
Photo by Meighan Makarchuk. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.



If you’ve spotted a shrub filled with these pink flowers in Vancouver, this January, don’t be too quick to label them “cherry blossoms”. They are not. These are called viburnum x bodnantense and they grow on a shrub (not a tree). Viburnum x bodnantense are very fragrant, and the flowers are single and in larger bunches of flowers.

The only ornamental cherry trees blooming now are Autumnalis Rosea.   (Some flowers have been spotted on ‘Whitcomb’ and on ‘Accolade’, but it’s too soon to consider these “in bloom” yet)