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Blooming Now: a visual timeline for cherry blossom viewing in Vancouver

This visual timeline features the estimated blooming period for ten of the most common cultivars of cherry trees in Vancouver: Whitcomb, Beni-Shidare, Accolade, Akebono, Umineko / Snow Goose,  Shirotae, Shirofugen, Kanzan, Kiku-shidare-zakura, Shogetsu.

Happy cherry blossom viewing!

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Timeline of Vancouver Cherry Blossoms blooming date for 2020. Photos by Jessica Tremblay, dates from



Shirofugen late season

Shirofugen red bud scales
We’re approaching the end of the season with the late blooming cherries.
Kanzan petals are almost gone and Shirofugen are starting to lose their petals already.
Shirofugen red bud scales
In another week, all that will be left to see will be pink ‘Shiro-fugen’ blossoms, with green leaves now. They’ll look a little like ‘Kanzan’, but not as bright and with longer stems. And the flowers will look kind-of past their prime.
Shirofugen red bud scales
Then in another three weeks or so, when those flowers are still hanging on, you’ll see what look like little green leaves coming out from the middle of the flowers. That will be the green leaf-like (phylloid) pistils starting to grow.
Then in June, you’ll see a few new white flowers on those trees, and still quite a few of the pink flowers remaining. You can stay interested in those trees almost till the end of June.