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Virtual Tour of Queen Elizabeth Park’s Most Popular Cherry Trees (Interactive Map)

This year, due to COVID-19 outbreak, please stay home and let us bring the blossoms to you.

Click on this interactive map to see the most popular cherry trees at Queen Elizabeth Park.

Map of cherry trees at Queen Elizabeth Park

Enjoy the Queen Elizabeth Park cherry trees online:

If you live in the area and will visit in person, please respect physical distancing.  Cherry scout Lisa L. wrote on the UBC Botanical Garden forum:

“Please beware that this year due to social distancing there is NO vehicular access to QE park from any of the entrances. All are barricaded. You must walk in and up to admire this tree, and please not a lot of people or the park rangers may shut it down. The rangers are patrolling and ensuring that all of us walkers are keeping our distance and not congregating. So please follow the directives and visit discreetly and quietly. NO PICNICS. we will have to wait till next year for that.”

Stay safe!

Photos Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

The Big Picnic

The atmosphere was very festive for The Big Picnic at the Queen Elizabeth Park.  Hundreds of people gathered under cherry trees to enjoy a community picnic and watch musical performances while Akebono cherry petals quietly fell all around.


20190414_TheBigPicNic_tremblayIMG_0190 20190414_TheBigPicNic_tremblayIMG_017920190414_TheBigPicNic_tremblay_IMG_0174 20190414_TheBigPicNic_tremblayIMG_0197

Join us for more fun under cherry blossoms such as Bike the Blossoms and more activities featured on our community events page.

Photos Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring Lights Illumination

It was a magical evening as Hfour illuminated Queen Elizabeth Park cherry trees for Spring Lights Illumination. Lights were projected on the canopy, lanterns were glowing, and giant mirror balls reflected the blossoms.

Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018

Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018

Interpretative dancers performed under the lit up trees. A walkthrough experience allowed visitors to move from under the canopy to various pathways.

Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018

Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018

The pathways lead you back to the canopy where you could enjoy more illuminations.

Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018

Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018 Sakura Illuminations 2018

Thank you for joining us.

Check the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival website to see more information about events and activities.


Umineko cherry trees at Queen Elizabeth Park

Umineko cherry trees are starting to bloom at Queen Elizabeth Park’s duck pond. These magnificent trees are characterized by big white flowers with round petals. This is  a great location for a picnic.

20160318_suminkeko_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2438 20160318_suminkeko_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2439

Use the VCBF neighbourhood map to find Umineko in your area.


Queen Elizabeth Park Akebono cherry trees in bloom

Right after work, I went to Queen Elizabeth Park to see the Akebono cherry trees. It was around 5pm. There was about 25 people taking photographs.

The trees near the parking lot look amazing.

20160318_akebono_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2421 20160318_akebono_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2407

The branches are full of blossoms.

20160318_akebono_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2401 20160318_akebono_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2403

There’s a park bench so you can sit and have your picture taken next to the the huge trees.


Queen Elizabeth Park is a wonderful location for a picnic. There’s also a lot of photographers (wedding, fashion) and videographers (someone was filming a tai-chi video when I was there), so be prepared to share the space with a crowd.

20160318_akebono_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2428 20160318_akebono_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2424

Past the Akebono, you’ll also find a beautiful Somei-yoshino cherry tree:

20160318_someiyoshino_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2432 20160318_someiyoshino_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2431

This location is definitely worth a visit. If you walk towards the restaurant, on top of the small quarry, you can take an amazing photo of the Vancouver downown skyline.


Visit Queen Elizabeth Park within the next 7-10 days. For a guided tour, attend our Queen E Tree Talk and Walk on April 3 (date subject to change, so please visit our website for updates).


Photos: Jessica Tremblay

Cherry Scouts Photos

Queen Elizabeth Park: Akebono cherry trees are full of buds

20150307_queene_akebono_tremblay_IMG_6281 20150307_queene_akebono_tremblay_IMG_6280

The Akebono cherry trees at Queen Elizabeth park are not in bloom, yet.

20150307_queene_akebono_tremblay_IMG_6168 20150307_queene_akebono_tremblay_IMG_6161

The trees are full of buds.  Flowers should open in the next 7-10 days.

20150307_queene_akebono_tremblay_IMG_6270 20150307_queene_akebono_tremblay_IMG_6170

Still, there was people having a picnic under the cherry trees including under the somei-yoshino tree (right picture).

20150307_queene_akebono_tremblay_IMG_6297 20150307_queene_akebono_tremblay_IMG_6300

On the lower parking lot level, this park bench will be a sought-after spot in a week or two.


Umineko cherry trees at Queen Elizabeth park


These Umineko cherry tress  provide a nice spot for hanami picnic at the Queen Elizabeth park’s duck pond.



From the top of the hill, you get a beautiful view of downtown Vancouver.


There are lots of blossoms on the trees. Cherry petals are just starting to fall.


Umineko means “Seagull”, possibly because the edges of the white petals are round, like the wings of a seagull.


The centre of the Umineko cherry blossoms will turn red before they fall.


The branches offer a mix of fresh blossoms and older blossoms with red centre.


In late afternoon, the sun goes through the blossoms.

Visit that location in the next week to have a hanami picnic under these beautiful Umineko trees


To learn more about Umineko cherry trees, check out Ornamental cherries in Vancouver.