Queen Elizabeth Park Akebono cherry trees in bloom

Right after work, I went to Queen Elizabeth Park to see the Akebono cherry trees. It was around 5pm. There was about 25 people taking photographs.

The trees near the parking lot look amazing.

20160318_akebono_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2421 20160318_akebono_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2407

The branches are full of blossoms.

20160318_akebono_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2401 20160318_akebono_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2403

There’s a park bench so you can sit and have your picture taken next to the the huge trees.


Queen Elizabeth Park is a wonderful location for a picnic. There’s also a lot of photographers (wedding, fashion) and videographers (someone was filming a tai-chi video when I was there), so be prepared to share the space with a crowd.

20160318_akebono_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2428 20160318_akebono_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2424

Past the Akebono, you’ll also find a beautiful Somei-yoshino cherry tree:

20160318_someiyoshino_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2432 20160318_someiyoshino_QueenEpark_Tremblay_IMG_2431

This location is definitely worth a visit. If you walk towards the restaurant, on top of the small quarry, you can take an amazing photo of the Vancouver downown skyline.


Visit Queen Elizabeth Park within the next 7-10 days. For a guided tour, attend our Queen E Tree Talk and Walk on April 3 (date subject to change, so please visit our website for updates).


Photos: Jessica Tremblay

Haiku Photos

family picnic (haiku by Nan Dozier)


“At the time of entering the contest, I had just completed a renga with some friends, and we had tried very hard to maintain a connection with Japanese culture as we wrote. My head was full of lovely images of Japanese life and manners, and yet with a sense of how difficult it is to preserve beautiful impressions. So, my poem celebrates the traditions of family, while understanding that even the things that are the same from year to year are not the same.”

family picnic

under the cherry tree

one more than last year

Nan Dozier

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational 2013