Pandora cherry trees spectacular at Mount Pleasant Park

20150304_mountpleasant_pandora_tremblay_IMG_5898    20150304_mountpleasant_pandora_tremblay_IMG_5860

Mount Pleasant Park is a great location to see three beautiful Pandora cherry trees in bloom right now.

20150304_mountpleasant_pandora_tremblay_IMG_5863   20150304_mountpleasant_pandora_tremblay_bee_IMG_5873

The Pandora trees are bursting with blossoms (and bees!)

20150304_mountpleasant_pandora_tremblay_IMG_5920 20150304_mountpleasant_pandora_tremblay_IMG_5911

This location can get quite windy (it’s a huge park), so you might have to be patient when you try to do close-ups:  the wind makes the branches move.

As you take your pictures, prepare to be (gently) smacked in the face by falling cherry blossoms.

20150304_mountpleasant_pandora_tremblay_IMG_5891 20150304_mountpleasant_pandora_tremblay_IMG_5847

One characteristic of Pandora cherry blossoms is that the flowers fall whole.

20150304_mountpleasant_pandora_tremblay_IMG_5888 20150304_mountpleasant_pandora_tremblay_IMG_5896

You will rarely see fallen cherry petals under a Pandora tree: only fallen blossoms.

20150304_mountpleasant_pandora_tremblay_IMG_5885 20150304_mountpleasant_pandora_tremblay_IMG_5882

Mount Pleasant Park (Ontario, between 15th and 16th) is a great location for a hanami picnic: lots of picnic tables, park benches, a kids park and community centre nearby.  With its incredible views of the cherry trees with North shore mountains, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations (see my pictures of Mount Pleasant Park from 2014)

Visit within the next week.

Photos by Jessica Tremblay