Akebono cherry trees outside Mink Chocolates cafe

This plaza located at the end of Hornby street (between Hastings and Cordova) is on my favorite locations to view Akebono cherry trees Downtown.

20160309_MintChocolate_akebono_tremblayIMG_0935 20160309_MintChocolate_akebono_tremblayIMG_0908

If you didn’t bring your picnic, you can stop at Mink Chocolates Cafe (or one of the other eateries) to have tea or coffee while you look at the flowers outside.

20160309_MintChocolate_akebono_tremblayIMG_0977 20160309_MintChocolate_akebono_tremblayIMG_0980 20160309_MintChocolate_akebono_tremblayIMG_0918 20160309_MintChocolate_akebono_tremblayIMG_0923

It’s close to the waterfront, so you can take pictures of the blossoms with some historic Downtown buildings.

20160309_MintChocolate_akebono_tremblayIMG_0957 20160309_MintChocolate_akebono_tremblayIMG_0981

The Akebono cherry trees are in full bloom downtown and in the West-End. Join our Cherry Tree Talk and Walk  this Saturday March 12 2016  1.30-3.30pm with Wendy Culter.

Photos: Jessica Tremblay