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Koinobori painting

Koinobori painting was one of the new hands-on workshop offered at the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival this year. Participants were invited to paint on a scale, or write a haiku, to contribute to the Koinobori Installation.

20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7204 20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IIMG_7150

The table was all set for the 16 participants who registered to the painting session at Kerrisdale Community Centre.


Participants were greeted with examples of previous paintings lining up the wall of the South Room.

20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7133 20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7138 20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7146 20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7151

Participants took their seat, then started to mix paint.


It was amazing to see so much creativity.

20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7207 20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_721220170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7152 20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7216

While participants finished their artwork, I browsed through the pile of finished paintings produced during previous workshops.

20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7156 20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7161 20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7165 20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7166 20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7168 20170318_koinobori_tremblay_IMG_7169

The Koinobori Installation, sponsored by Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd. in partnership with the Powell Street Festival,  will be displayed at Sakura Days Japan Fair on April 8-9 2017. About 150 scales will cover the carp’s giant wooden structure.


Come see the finished installation at Sakura Days Japan Fair on April 8-9 2017!