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Bookmaking workshop with Terry Ann Carter (Sakura Days Japan Fair)

At Sakura Days Japan Fair (April5-6, 2014), Terry Ann Carter will lead a small-book making workshop for anyone—children, teens, adults—who would like to learn the basic folds for an accordion book and to make a haiku notebook.


Terry Ann  reproduced some Japanese stamps that can be used on the covers.


The closures will be elastic bands, thread or yarn.


Terry Ann found a custom stamp designer in Victoria who made a “my haiku book” stamp.


Take your haiku notebook with you on the haiku walk or decorate it on the spot with haiku and collage to make a “one of a kind” art book.


Papers are provided. The workshop is free, but you must buy a Sakura Days Japan Fair ticket to enter the site.


Saturday April 5 2014

2:00p  – 3:00p   Bookmaking (demo) with Terry Ann Carter

3:00p  – 5:00p   Make a Haiku Notebook (workshop) with Terry Ann Carter


Sunday April 6 2014

2:00p  – 3:00p   Bookmaking (demo only) with Terry Ann Carter



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Blossom Book

Handmade blossom book by Terry Ann Carter
This beautiful blossom book was sent to us by Terry Ann Carter who ran the handmade books workshop during Sakura Days.


Handmade blossom book by Terry Ann Carter
Each page is a blossom decorated with a colorful Urban Tea Merchant postcard.


Handmade blossom book by Terry Ann Carter
Each postcard features a haiku by one of the VCBF Haiku Invitational 2012 winners.


Handmade blossom book by Terry Ann Carter
To complete the binding: make two hole punches and insert an elastic grasping the small twig on the other side to hold the book together.


Sakura Days April 7 2013 Haiku at the GlassHouse
This book is a great memento since these were the same blossoms that decorated the glasshouse during Sakura Days. At the end of the event,  Terry Ann asked if she could have some blossoms to make a handmade book. How lovely to see the result. Thanks Terry Ann for this beautiful keepsake.