Haiku Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Haiku activities at Leith Wheeler Haiku House during Sakura Days Japan Fair

There were lots of haiku activities at the Leith Wheeler Haiku House during Sakura Days Japan Fair: haiku workshop, haiku rocks, haiku weathergrams, bookmaking, haikuseum. We had lots of fun getting people inspired to write haiku for the upcoming Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational.

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Meanwhile, visitors in the garden were able to read haiku on bamboo sticks and haiku written in chalk (thanks to Michael Dylan Welch for this great project installation!)

sakuradaysjapanfair_20150412_IMG_1006 sakuradaysjapanfair_20150412_IMG_0854

If you missed the haiku workshop and the bookmaking workshop at Sakura Days Japan Fair, you’ll have a second chance. There will be a haiku workshop followed by a bookmaking workshop at the Kerrisdale Community Centre Picnic on Sunday April 26/15.

kerrisdale_workshop_tremblay_IMG_9523 kerrisdale_workshop_tremblay_IMG_9555  kerrisdale_workshop_tremblay_IMG_9645 kerrisdale_workshop_tremblay_IMG_9636


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Haiku Activities at Sakura Days Japan Fair


On this first day of the Sakura Days Japan Fair, many haiku activities took place at the glasshouse.


A lot of people came to the Leith Wheeler Haiku House to learn more about haiku.


During her workshop Haiku “Rocks!”, Angela Naccarato instructed participants on how to write a haiku.


Then, participants wrote their haiku on a painted rock.


Angela Naccarato and musician James Mullin were part of the lineup of poets reading from 12.00-1.00


Michael Dylan Welch gave a workshop about haiku from 1.00-2.00


Terry Ann Carter showed us how to make a beautiful haiku book from 2.00-3.00


With our haiku notebook in our pocket, it was time to take a walk to the Haiku Rock from 3.00-4.00.

The Haiku Rock (located in the cherry grove) features the top winning poems from the first three years of the VCBF Haiku Invitational contest).


Back at the Glasshouse, participants could test their Haiku IQ at this table and also read a tiny haiku… using a magnifying glass!


Visitors were able to get free advice on how to write a winning haiku from our team of volunteers who are past judges and past winners of the Haiku Invitational: Terry Ann Carter (2013 judge), Michael Dylan Welch, Carole MacRury, Johnny Baranski, Vicki McCullough, Angela Naccarato, Jacquie Pierce, and Jessica Tremblay.

All haiku activities will take place again on Sunday April 6, 2014.

Come to the glasshouse to learn more about haiku!


Schedule of Haiku Activities

in the Glass House

 Sunday April 6, 2014


10:00a – 5:00p                How to Write a Winning Haiku (ongoing)

10:00a –12:00p              Crafts: Notebooks with Vicki and Jacquie

12:00p – 1:00p                Readings: Terry Ann Carter, Carole MacRury, Young Shakespeareans, Johnny Baranski, and Angela Naccarato with flute accompaniment by James Mullin

1:00p  – 2:00p         Learn About Haiku (workshop) with Michael Dylan Welch

2:00p  – 3:00p         Bookmaking (workshop) with Terry Ann Carter

3:00p  – 4:00p         Haiku Walk with Michael Dylan Welch(meet at the Glass House)

3:00p  – 5:00p         Crafts: Haiku ‘Rocks!’ with Angela Naccarato

Haiku Rocks (painted by Angela Naccarato) featuring Best Canadian poem 2014 by Marco Fraticelli and poem by Johnny Baranski (Honorable mention at the Haiku Invitational 2014)