Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Sakura Days Japan Fair – Haiku Activities


Sakura Days Japan Fair a festival celebrating Japanese culture, is taking place Saturday April 5-Sunday April 6 2014 at the Van Dusen Garden. We will be at the festival to promote the Haiku Invitational.

Haiku at the Glass House during Sakura Days April 6 2013

Want to learn more about haiku?

Come to the Glass House to learn about haiku, hear haiku, make a small notebook to write your poems in, put your haiku on a painted rock, hang a haiku on our beautiful cherry tree, and/or go on a haiku walk to the Haiku Rock in the David Lam cherry grove.

Get free advice on how to write a winning haiku to submit to the VCBF Haiku Invitational from our volunteers who are either past winners or past judges of the Haiku Invitational contest : Michael Dylan Welch, Terry Ann Carter, Carole MacRury, Jessica Tremblay, Vicki McCullough, Jacquie Pearce, Johnny Baranski.


Michael Dylan Welch gives a Haiku workshop at the Glass House during Sakura Days April 6 2013

Learn About Haiku with Michael Dylan Welch

Learn the myths and realities of haiku poetry, some of its history in Japan, and explore techniques such as seasonal reference and trusting the image. Write and share haiku you write for feedback and discussion.

Terry Ann Carter gives a small book demonstration at Sakura Days April 6 2013

Bookmaking with Terry Ann Carter 

Haiku Invitational 2013 judge Terry Ann Carter will lead a small-book making workshop for anyone—children, teens, adults—who would like to learn the basic folds for an accordion book and to make a haiku notebook. Take your haiku notebook with you on the haiku walk or decorate it on the spot with haiku and collage to make a “one of a kind” art book. Papers will be provided.

Haiku ‘Rocks!’

Come by the Glass House and meet Angela J. Naccarato, facilitator for the Vancouver Haiku Group, and learn how to write and display your haiku on rocks from local riverbeds. A collection of sun-baked rocks will be available, while they last, for those who are interested in using them to preserve their haiku. Display your poems on natural props and make them a lasting memory.

Haiku Stone at VanDusen Garden during Sakura Days Japan Fair April 7 2013

Haiku Walk Join haiku poets, led by Michael Dylan Welch, on a guided walk through the gardens to visit the Haiku Rock. Learn about haiku, write and share (optional) haiku along the way. Bring your haiku notebook!


Sakura Days April 7 2013 Haiku at the GlassHouse

Haiku in the Glasshouse

(sponsored by Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd)


Saturday / Sunday

10:00a – 5:00p  How to Write a Winning Haiku (ongoing)

10:00a –12:00p  Haiku ‘Rocks!’ with Angela Naccarato (Saturday)

10:00a –12:00p  Crafts (Sunday)

12:00p – 1:00p  Readings:* Terry Ann Carter, Carole MacRury, Young Shakespeareans (Saturday), Johnny Baranski, and Angela Naccarato with flute accompaniment by James Mullin

1:00p  – 2:00p   Learn About Haiku with Michael Dylan Welch

1:00p  – 2:00p   Young Shakespeareans read haiku outside the Glass House (Saturday)

2:00p  – 3:00p   Bookmaking with Terry Ann Carter

3:00p  – 4:00p   Haiku Walk with Michael Dylan Welch (meet at the Glass House)

3:00p  – 5:00p   Make a Haiku Notebook with Terry Ann Carter (Saturday)

3:00p  – 5:00p   Haiku ‘Rocks!’ with Angela Naccarato (Sunday)

Terry Ann Carter gave a small book demonstration at Sakura Days April 6 2013


* * *

Haiku at the Glass House during Sakura Days April 6 2013

*Haiku reading 12:00-1:00pm

Terry Ann Carter, judge for the 2013 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational, will read and comment on her top haiku selections in five categories: BC, Canada, US, International and Youth.   [12 noon, 5 min]

 Carole MacRury will read a selection of cherry blossom haiku by Japanese masters, drawn from Haiku Epiphany: 3,000 haiku selected, translated & explicated  by Robin D. Gill.  [12:05p, 15 min]

 Johnny Baranski will read selections from his “Cherry Blossoms and Friends,” a collection of spring flower haiku.  [12:20p, 15 min]

Young Shakespeareans, students from Vancouver’s summer Shakespeare company, Bard on the Beach, will read best Youth selections from 2013 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational. Saturday only. [12:35p, 5 min]

Angela J. Naccarato, will read haiku from the “bamboo series” pamphlet, written by members of the Vancouver Haiku Group and distributed at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden Bamboo Festival in 2013. The collection will be part of an upcoming anthology titled, At the Garden. Angela will also read a short series of cherry blossom haiku from her private collection. James Mullin, facilitator and local musician, will accompany Angela on a variety of flutes.  [12:40p, 15 min]


Haiku Minstrels Vicki McCullough and James Mullin read haiku at Sakura Days Japan Fair April 6 2013

Reader / Musician Bios

Angela J. Naccarato has been facilitating poetry workshops for over 20 years, and is the facilitator for the Vancouver Haiku Group. This group, now in its fifth year, meets at Britannia Centre once a month, and is currently working on its first anthology. Angela is often invited to share her voice through public forums, most recently at Richmond City Hall in the Council Chambers; and she has hosted a number of poetry events throughout Metro Vancouver and BC. She was the keynote speaker at a women’s wellness retreat at Island Lake Lodge in Fernie, BC, where she spoke on ‘intuition,’ and facilitated an ‘intuitive poetry’ workshop for women from across Canada and the US. She has been developing her intuition, through private study, to use as a source of inspiration to help poets develop their voice, and shares her methodology in creative settings.

Carole MacRury is an award-winning poet and avid photographer based in Point Roberts—another Canadian living in Washington. She has been a co-organizer for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival since its inception in 2006, was a member of the Haiku Invitational judging team for the first three years, and coordinated and conducted the festival’s Haiku Garden workshops for school children in 2008. Carole’s work has been widely published and anthologized in Canada and the US, as well as translated in Croatian literary journals. Her first book, In the Company of Crows – Haiku and Tanka Between the Tides, was released in December 2008. Her award-winning tanka collection, The Tang of Nasturtiums, was published as an e-chapbook by Snapshot Press, UK, in 2012.

James Mullin grew up in South Surrey, a poet, a musician and sometimes a fool. He writes ‘rock’ and ‘sculpts’ words. He is a past member of the poetry performance group To An Unknown God, and former host of the poetry reading series Under the Elephant. James is presently a member of the Saint John’s Orthodox Church Choir and the Vancouver Haiku Group. He plays mandolin and various street flutes from around the world, including a south Asian bamboo reed flute that has a story to tell.

Johnny Baranski started writing haiku and its related forms under the tutelage of Lorraine Ellis Harr (Tombo) in 1973. Since then he has been widely published and anthologized. Johnny was awarded a third-place Sakura prize for 2011, a second place for 2012 and an honourable mention for 2013 in the US category of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational. Recently his broadside, “Blossoming Pear,” was published by Lilliput Review. He lives in Vancouver, Washington.

Terry Ann Carter, an internationally recognized haiku and tanka poet, has won awards for her Japanese literary forms. She is the author of five poetry collections and four haiku chapbooks. In 2011 she published Lighting the Global Lantern: A Teachers Guide to Writing Haiku and Related Literary Form. Carter placed first in the Great Canadian Haiku Contest (2011) and won the Origami Crane Award (2010). She has given small book workshops at the Zen Festival in Montreal, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver, and to students in international schools in Singapore and the Bahamas. Carter participated in the Basho Festival in Ueno, Japan, in 2004. She is president of Haiku Canada.

Young Shakespeareans: In addition to its repertoire of lively and exciting theatrical productions throughout the summer, Bard on the Beach offers a program called The Young Shakespeareans. In this series of summer workshops for youth ages 8 to 18, participants get to act, gain confidence, and learn about Shakespeare’s plays in the best possible way—through doing them! With us today are program coordinator Luisa Jojic, and a wonderful group of past and present Young Shakespeareans.

Young Shakespeareans—students from Vancouver’s summer Shakespeare company Bard on the Beach—will read haiku from the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitationa (Saturday April 5 only):

10:45a – 10:55a   Haiku Bard, a reading on the Cherry Stage

12:30p – 12:35p   Young Shakespeareans read haiku in the Glass House

1:00p  –  2:00p     Young Shakespeareans read haiku outside the Glass House