Photos Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Pandora cherry blossoms

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The six Pandora trees behind Brentwood mall (at Fairlawn and Brentlawn) are 100% in bloom

One of the main characteristics of the Pandora is that the tip of the petals is slightly darker pink. However, as the flower progresses on the trees (and also once the flower is fallen) it’s hard to see this since the flowers turn white.

Most Pandora flowers fall WHOLE. You’ll find the grounds covered in flowers.

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Accolade cherry tree (near China Creek Park)


This Accolade cherry tree is located on BC Parkway (near Glenn), across  China Creek Park. It’s only 2 minutes from VCC-Clark skytrain station.


The branches crawl up towards the balcony of an apartment building.


You’ll get beautiful pictures if you go on a sunny day. Unfortunately, it was quite windy when I visited, so a lot of my shots turned blurry.


80% of the blossoms are out, but there are a few buds left.


The blossoms have just opened, and yet, they are already falling. So sad!


Examining fallen blossoms is a good way to get familiar with cherry trees. The thing sticking out of the flower is called a pistil.


Photo tip: This Accolade cherry tree is 80% bloom and the blossoms have already started to fall. Visit in the next 2 days for the best pictures. In 7 days, you can expect a shower of petals.


Kanzan – End of Season

Kanzan fallen cherry blossom
It’s the end of the season for Kanzan cherry blossoms.