Cherry Scouts Photos

Autumnalis Rosea on Georgia (corner Willingdon) in Burnaby


You’ll find over a dozen Autumnalis Rosea cherry trees blooming now on Georgia street. The trees are spread, in groups of two or three, over five blocks (between Willingdon and MacDonald).


Autumnalis Rosea are  “winter cherries”. They start blooming in December and last until February-March.


The Autumnalis Rosea blossoms are  small and sparse on the branches. Not as spectacular as our spring cherries, but still worth a visit.


With a zoom, you’ll be able to isolate the flowers and get a good close-up.


February is usually the peak blooming period for Autumnalis Rosea, so don’t miss them.

Check the VCBF Neighborhood maps to locate autumnalis rosea in your area.


I walked on Georgia all the way down to MacDonald. When I turned to walk back towards Willingdon, I noticed the moon peaking between cherry branches.  (This was taken January 28, 2015. If you hurry, you might be able to take the same shot).


The blossoms are falling on the pavement.


Take a moment to photograph the fallen petals or blossoms at your feet: they make good pictures too!


Autumnalis Rosea photos taken by Jessica Tremblay on January 28, 2015 on Georgia street (five blocks between Willingdon and MacDonals)