Photos Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Pandora cherry blossoms

20200321_fairlawnbrentlawn_pandora_tremblay_IMG_1459 20200321_fairlawnbrentlawn_pandora_tremblay_IMG_1466

The six Pandora trees behind Brentwood mall (at Fairlawn and Brentlawn) are 100% in bloom

One of the main characteristics of the Pandora is that the tip of the petals is slightly darker pink. However, as the flower progresses on the trees (and also once the flower is fallen) it’s hard to see this since the flowers turn white.

Most Pandora flowers fall WHOLE. You’ll find the grounds covered in flowers.

20200321_fairlawnbrentlawn_pandora_tremblay_IMG_1547 20200321_fairlawnbrentlawn_pandora_tremblay_IMG_1592   20200321_fairlawnbrentlawn_pandora_tremblay_IMG_4531 20200321_fairlawnbrentlawn_pandora_tremblay_IMG_1482 20200321_fairlawnbrentlawn_pandora_tremblay_IMG_1521 20200321_fairlawnbrentlawn_pandora_tremblay_IMG_1494


Cherry Scouts Photos

Pandora cherry trees blooming behind Brentwood mall

I went to take a look at the beautiful Pandora cherry trees behind Brentwood Mall (at Fairlawn and Brentlawn) in Burnaby.  They looked spectacular!

20160306_fairlawnbrentlawn_Pandora_tremblayIMG_0749 20160306_fairlawnbrentlawn_Pandora_tremblayIMG_0637

The flowers are almost fully open.

20160306_fairlawnbrentlawn_Pandora_tremblayIMG_0643 20160306_fairlawnbrentlawn_Pandora_tremblayIMG_0644

You can identify Pandora cherry blossoms by the darker shade of pink at the tip of the petals.

20160306_fairlawnbrentlawn_Pandora_tremblayIMG_0653 20160306_fairlawnbrentlawn_Pandora_tremblayIMG_0670


Also, the flowers of the Pandora cherry trees fall WHOLE on the ground.


Make sure to visit Pandora cherry trees within the next week. Check our VCBF neighborhood map to locate Pandora cultivars.

Photos: Jessica Tremblay