Photos Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Blossom Barge

It was an exciting day as the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival’s Blossom Barge traveled up False Creek and moored at Granville Island Public Market for two days of performances.

People arriving at Granville Island were greeted by the Festival banner under the Burrard Bridge.


The barge (presented by Tymac Launch Service) was moored at the Granville Island market courtyard at dock 7.

20160416_GranvilleIsland_BlossomBarge_Tremblay_IMG_5876 20160416_GranvilleIsland_BlossomBarge_Tremblay_IMG_5805

On board the Blossom Barge were 40 cherry trees that will later be planted in a Vancouver park.

20160416_GranvilleIsland_BlossomBarge_Tremblay_IMG_5767 20160416_GranvilleIsland_BlossomBarge_Tremblay_IMG_5783

Festival director Linda Poole was dressed for the occasion.

20160416_GranvilleIsland_BlossomBarge_Tremblay_IMG_5757 20160416_GranvilleIsland_BlossomBarge_Tremblay_IMG_5873

Saturday’s performances included: Tetsu Taiko & Tzo’kam collaboration, Langley Ukulele Ensemble, Kutapira, and the international yoyo superstar – Harrison Lee.

20160416_GranvilleIsland_BlossomBarge_Tremblay_IMG_5807  20160416_GranvilleIsland_BlossomBarge_Tremblay_IMG_5751  20160416_GranvilleIsland_BlossomBarge_Tremblay_IMG_5839 20160416_GranvilleIsland_BlossomBarge_Tremblay_IMG_5861

People tended to gather at the front of the dock, but music could be heard from anywhere in the market courtyard and the stage is visible from all the side docks, so there’s plenty of places to sit and enjoy the show while you eat delicious food from the market.


In the parking  lot, the 10th anniversary Blossom Car, driven by festival director Linda Poole, was turning heads.

20160416_GranvilleIsland_BlossomCar_Tremblay_IMG_5787 20160416_GranvilleIsland_BlossomCar_Tremblay_IMG_5823

Join us again on Sunday April 17 for another day of performances and the final send-off as a flotilla will travel up False Creek.