Haiku Photos

One flower from darkness

The last Autumanalis Rosea at Dr.  Sun Yat-Sen Garden in Vancouver

Last week-end, when I visited the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden in Vancouver, there were only a few Autumnalis Rosea left on the tree by the entrance (on the higher branches). This lonely flower reminded my of this haiku:

Late spring,

this cherry blossom tree

one flower from darkness

Glen Fletcher
Maldon, Australia

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2012 (Sakura Award)

This haiku could have many interpretations. You can imagine that evening is falling and only one blossom remains visible in the darkness.  But when I read it, I see a deeper level to it.

“This cherry blossom tree / one flower from darkness” could mean that once the last flower is gone, the tree will fall into darkness (oblivion).  This haiku celebrates the fleeting life of cherry blossoms.