The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival and Durante Kreuk Ltd. are pleased to present the new 2014 enlarged edition of the indispensable guide to Ornamental Cherries in Vancouver, written by Douglas Justice, Associate Director & Curator of Collections at UBC Botanical Garden. This book is Vancouver’s most comprehensive guide to the city’s 43,000 ornamental cherry trees and embodies a lifetime’s worth of work by Douglas Justice and 8 years of research by Festival Cherry Scouts.

This 124-page third limited edition boasts:

  • An additional 19 cultivars, bringing the total to 54 different varieties of flowering cherry trees that can be found in Vancouver neighbourhoods
  • New Japanese index

We have two options available for purchasing Ornamental Cherries:

  1. Copies of our book are sold at VanDusen Botanical Garden Shop and the Shop in the Garden at UBC Botanical Garden for $30.00.
    (Unfortunately, we cannot process shipping requests at this time, but hope to add that feature in the future)
  2. You can also purchase a digital eBook version of the book via PayPal for $15.00 (final price includes 5% tax and handling fees)


Ornamental Cherries in Vancouver 2014 Ed. (Online Version)

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact [email protected]