In partnership with Revery Architecture, the Festival presented a charrette to the BCIT School of Architecture for the design and fabrication of a Pop-Up Blossom Pavilion as the 2023 community outreach program, connecting people to nature and to one another.

The winning scheme entitled ABLOOM will be available to tour some of our diverse neighbourhoods this Spring and be staffed and activated to focus on different themes that are part of the Festival’s new, expanded, focus on mindfulness, well-being, and mental health awareness. We are delighted to be working once again with the Vancouver Board of Trade Leaders of Tomorrow program on the delivery and activation of this program.

Please contact Linda Poole at [email protected] if you’re interested in booking this new vehicle for making friends to visit your neighbourhood. We are excited to work with your neighbourhood to co-create an engaging program where strangers enter the Pop-Up and friends emerge.

Congratulations to the Pop-Up Blossom Design Competition winning team of fourth-year students: Brandon Ambros, Dominick Kasal, and Anna von Euw!

Special thanks to the Jury of Venelin Kokalov, Alfred Waugh, Robert Jackson, Becki Chan, and Rachelle Yau.

The winning scheme ABLOOM is designed by fourth-year BCIT students: Brandon Ambros, Dominick Kasal, and Anna von Euw.

VANCOUVER CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL PAVILION DESIGN COMPETITION. This peaceful gateway is ready to welcome visitors to Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom festival. Influenced by the experience of a cherry tree canopy in bloom, ABLOOM resonates with the landscape and embodies the spirit of the festival with sensitivity and elegance.The tree is chosen because of its significant cultural value of gathering, acting as the anchor for the community. This sentiment is carried through the structure, acting as a physical anchor for the installation, offering a natural enclosure for the festival’s performers and attendees.This architectural framework can be easily understood, allowing it to stand alone as individual installations scattered throughout the park site or placed together, forming an experiential arch moment, akin to a church’s nave.The newly formed canopy will be adorned with pink and white fabric, hand-dyed by members of the community, thus encouraging involvement and cultivating a unique presentation of each community’s identity” – Brandon, Dominick, and Anna

Introducing the winning BCIT Architects of the travelling Pop-Up Pavilion design.
May 15, 2023 | BCIT students design-build a pavilion for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival | Click here to learn more.

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