The Pop Up Pavilion is a portable kiosk/theatre/meeting space that will be moved to various neighbourhoods and be staffed and activated to focus on different themes and topics that are part of the Festival’s new, expanded, focus (climate action, well-being, and mental health awareness).

It will also be a meeting spot for Tree Talks, yoga events, host performances, and be an info booth to share information about the Festival and our community partners.

  • A vehicle for Making Friends throughout the city utilizing parks spaces, all 22 BIA’s as partners, as well as local community organizations in Greater Vancouver furthering inclusivity and equity for all VCBF friends
  • Programming of Pop-Up would be decided with each community and VCBF with assistance from the Young Leaders of Tomorrow. This cohort will be Line Producers for coordinating the “Pop-Up Pavilion” as it makes its way around the city.
  • Programming would reflect the local community and neighbourhood and engage citizens of all ages.

We are delighted to be working once again with the Vancouver Board of Trade Leaders of Tomorrow program on the delivery and activation of this program.

Please contact Linda Poole at [email protected] if you’re interested in booking this new vehicle for making friends to visit your neighbourhood. We are excited to work with your neighbourhood to co-create an engaging program where strangers enter the Pop-Up and friends emerge.

Connecting humans to nature and to one another.

The winning scheme ABLOOM is designed by fourth-year BCIT students: Brandon Ambros, Dominick Kasal, and Anna von Euw.
With Support by David and Dorothy Lam Foundation