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Apr 09, 2022 10:00 - Apr 10, 2022 10:00

2022 Cultural, Selling & Non-Selling Vendors

Find them at the Visitor Centre 

Find them at the Great Hall, Bentall Plaza, or Great Lawn 

  • Anitartlet: Anita’s style has been influenced by the Japanese culture and it has blossomed in the forms of colorful stickers, vibrant art prints, and cute resin pins.
  • Antler to Shimarisu: Yui Nakahori uses mixed materials and style, including sterling K10 gold, 925 silver and bronze, gemstones – specifically rock stone, and leather to create one-of-a-kind jewelry.
  • Art Cards by Valerie: Hand-made paper cards, framed art, book marks, Chiyogami designer clips, Chiyogami notebooks, and cotton dishcloths.
  • Axis Planning: CHOYAxCOFU SAKURA BENTO SET Collaboration! 1 can of CHOYA non-alcoholic drink and 4 kinds of COFU plant-based pressed sushi.
  • Beads Ya: Handmade bead jewelry with colourful and small beads. Enjoy “Retro” and “Cute” jewelry made with special attention to colours.
  • Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy: We teach and follow the traditional form of Shiatsu which was developed by the founder of Shiatsu. This is the only form of Shiatsu recognized by the Japan ministry of health and welfare, and as such is the same form that is nationally licensed in Japan.
  • Beauty Secrets of Japan: Local handmade soap and body care products with the finest, carefully selected all natural ingredients from Japan.
  • Chado Tea House: Offering Japanese teas for every occasion, from reliably delicious staples for every day, to superlative grades for special occasions.
  • COCONAMA CHOCOLATE: Fresh handmade chocolate creations that are indulgence at its purest.
  • Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver
  • Craftology: Handmade paper goods
  • HINTO: handmade for your smile: Japanese handmade items and accessories will add “one and only” shine to your style!
  • Hitomi Mckenzie Porcelain Ceramics: Functional porcelain tableware for Japanese meals and other occasions.
  • Japanese Calligraphy Shien: Art cards and eco-friendly tumblers with a design of a local Japanese calligrapher.
  • Japanese Fabric Creations SHINO: Japanese-style handmade fabric objects such as coasters, pouches, placemats and accessories. Original designs handmade by Shinobu Mizukoshi.
  • Jellyrolldesigns + Snowrabbitco.: Anime influenced textile goods, such as masks, clothing, totes, fabric works, art prints, smaller accessories and stationary.
  • JET Alumni Association of British Columbia (JETAABC): The alumni association for participants of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme.
  • Kanadell Japanese Bakery: Japanese-style breads including melon pan, animal breads. curry pan, mochi breads, and more!
  • Kanatani Trading Ltd.: Japanese zakka (miscellaneous goods)
  • Karet Design: Unique, hand-made jewelry
  • MIDORI FOODS: Japanese-style oil based spicy sauce made with lots of crunchy and tasty ingredients such as fried onion, fried garlic, dried squid, sesame seed, green onion.
  • Minori Takagi: Handcrafted glass jewelry
  • Mom’s Care Natural Handmade Soap: Home made using organic and natural ingredients, for sensitive or troubled skin.
  • Nikoniko Home Care: A well-known private home care service provider for the elderly. Providing service in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond & Coquitlam.
  • Opaque: Japanese-style resin items: handmade keychains, hair clips, bookmarks, coasters, and more. All dazzling with amazing colours and reflective items.
  • Pac West Kimono: Selling unique & beautiful Japanese merchandise, introducing traditional to modern Japanese pop culture: vintage kimono, obi, cosplay kimono, yukata, jinbei, happi, geta sandals, tabi socks, hair accessories, cute pouches, etc.
  • PAPER FOR YOU: Jewelry and accessories made by Chiyogami and Mizuhiki
  • Picchie Zakka: Janese-culture-inspired fabric Zakka using natural material like cotton and linen. All items are carefully handcrafted locally using mostly Japanese fabric.
  • Siamurai Apparel: Creating unique handmade clothes with Japanese & Thai prints
  • Vankoji Foods: Producer and seller of Shiokoji and other koji-based seasonings at craft fairs and festivals.
  • Windigo Beeswax Wrap: Japanese-themed-print beeswax food wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic cling wrap.
  • Wren Creation: Handmade Jewelry inspired by Japanese “Washi” papers.