‘Pink Perfection’. An increasingly uncommon cherry in Vancouver, ‘Pink Perfection’ has a small, spreading, umbrella-shaped crown, and large, luxurient, typically two-toned flowers—pink with white inner petals—often with a pair of phylloid (leafy) styles at the centre of each bloom. ‘Pink Perfection’ is a chance seedling of ‘Shogetsu’ that arose around 1935 at a nursery in southern England. ‘Kanzan’ is the probable pollen parent, as ‘Pink Perfection’ is somewhat intermediate between the two in both appearance and behaviour. Trees are unfortunately not very robust and because of disease, tend to look unkempt with significant branch dieback most years; however, this may be due in part to graft incompatability, where the cultivar is grafted on mazzard (P. avium) rootstock.