March 24, 2023. Double (or semi-double) flowered ‘Accolade’ cherries are starting to look good around town. These flowers have more than five petals. They are more than twice the diameter of the earlier-blooming ‘Autumnalis Rosea’, and they form a tidier flatter disk. Shirley Willard took this photo at Vancouver City Hall on March 19.

20230319 CityHall Accolade Willard IMG_0915

For a comparison, here are ‘Autumnalis Rosea’ flowers from March 11. This is the only other cherry cultivar in bloom right now with more than 5 petals. Well, sometimes you can find an extra petal on ‘Whitcomb’ blossoms, but that is rare. Thanks again to Shirley Willard for the photo.

20230311 PacificWBurrard Autumnalisrosea Willard IMG_0488
20230311 PacificWBurrard Autumnalisrosea Willard IMG_0488

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