April 12, 2022. Today we’re doing late season cherries with good stories – thanks to Cherry Scout Shirley Willard for these links. ‘Yokihi’ refers to the story of Yang Guifei (Yokihi in Japanese), who rose from obscurity to win the heart of an emperor, before causing his downfall and that of the entire Tang Dynasty. ‘Ama-no-gawa’ is associated with the love story of Tanabata Matsuri, with a happier ending. You can share your finds on our forums at VCBF Neighbourhood Blogs | UBC Botanical Garden Forums.

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‘Yokihi’ in the Oakridge neighbourhood, photo by Shirley Willard.
‘Ama-no-gawa’ in the Downtown neighbourhood, photo by Yong Hui.

These have been featured photos on the Blooming Now page.