April 11, 2022. While we’re still seeing mid-season blossoms, scouts are posting photos of late-season trees ready to burst open. In many neighbourhoods, ‘Ama-no-gawa’ and ‘Ukon’ are open now. They are both unusual for cherries – the first for flowers that “hang” up, not down, and ‘Ukon’ for their yellow colour (the name refers to turmeric) when the flowers first open. You can share your finds on our forums at VCBF Neighbourhood Blogs | UBC Botanical Garden Forums.

20220409 BeachNicola ANG Willard 3_6
‘Ama-no-gawa’ in the West End neighbourhood, photo by Shirley Willard.
20220405-Expo&Pacific Blvd 1 - Ukon-Yaletowner
‘Ukon’ in the Downtown neighbourhood, photo by Yaletowner.

These have been featured photos on the Blooming Now page.