April 9, 2022. Two late-mid-season cultivars today, with relatively large single flowers. ‘Mikuruma-gaeshi’ are goblet-shaped trees, not large, generally not healthy-looking. The beautiful mostly single flowers can reach 6cm across, and they occasionally have some extra petals, which caused the royal carriage of its name to return to check whether the flowers were single or double. The old ‘Ojochin’ in Stanley Park has similar-looking flowers, to 5cm, but they hang lantern-like befitting the meaning of their name. You can share your finds on our forums at VCBF Neighbourhood Blogs | UBC Botanical Garden Forums.

‘Mikuruma-gaeshi’ in the Kensington-Cedar Cottage neighbourhood, photo by Anne Eng.
20220408 JMem Ojochin Willard 5_9
‘Ojochin’ at the Stanley Park Japanese Memorial in the West End / Stanley Park neighbourhood, photo by Shirley Willard.

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