Vancouver City Hall is home to a few Accolade cherry trees currently in bloom.

20180317_CityHall_Accolade_Tremblay_IMG_7269 20180317_CityHall_Accolade_Tremblay_IMG_7269

The location is easily accessible by transit: it’s behind the Broadway City Hall skytrain station. Or take bus #99 or #9.

20180317_CityHall_Accolade_Tremblay_IMG_7269 20180317_CityHall_Accolade_Tremblay_IMG_7269

There are plenty of flowers and buds on the trees.

20180317_CityHall_Accolade_Tremblay_IMG_7269 20180317_CityHall_Accolade_Tremblay_IMG_7269 

Since the trees are in the shade, I expect there will be flowers at this location for another 10-12 days.

20180310_CityHall_plaza_Tremblay_IMG_7074 20180310_CityHall_plaza_Tremblay_IMG_7074

Go visit the trees, and enjoy the view of Vancouver skyline from the beautiful new plaza across city hall.

Tip: this location is very busy on weekdays.  If you can, visit preferably on a weekend or at the end of the business day.


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