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With a forecast of 12 degrees and partly cloudy, I headed to Vancouver City Hall to look at the Accolade cherry trees. The trees were in full bloom!

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_st_IMG_0342 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_CU_IMG_0397

If you walk up the steps towards the entrance, you’ll be able to take close-ups of the buds and the flowers.

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_d_IMG_0508 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_CU_IMG_0416

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_buds_IMG_0421 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_CU_IMG_0462

There are park benches where you can have a snack and look at the blossoms over your head.

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_0436 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_IMG_0439

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_med_IMG_0455 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_med_IMG_0459

It’s always fun to try to get a picture of the statue of George Vancouver pointing at the Accolade cherry blossoms.

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_sl_IMG_0390 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_st_IMG_0339

The petals and flowers are starting to fall. Visit this location within the end of the week.

20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_fallen_IMG_0392 20160305_cityhall_accolade_tremblay_fallen_IMG_0472


Wanna know where you can find Accolade cherry trees in your area? Browse the VCBF neighborhood map.

Photos: Jessica Tremblay

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