At Vancouver City Hall, the Accolades cherry trees are in bloom!



From the bottom of the stairs, the view is beautiful.


There are lots of people coming and going (it’s city hall, after all), so if you’re going to take pictures on a weekday, you might have to be patient to get a photo without people in it.


The statue of Captain George Vancouver makes this a fun location: with the right angle, you can get him pointing to the cherry blossoms!



You can do really nice close-ups of the Accolade cherry blossoms from the top of the stairs: you’re at the same height as the canopy!



The 12 storey city hall building makes a nice background.


Good spot for Hanami picnic?  Absolutely!


There are two park benches under the cherry trees, so it’s a great place to have a picnic.



You can enjoy your lunch as cherry petals fall gently around you.


If you stay there long enough, cherry petals will fall in your open palm.


Location: Vancouver City Hall, 453 West 12th Avenue.  The building is served by the Broadway–City Hall Station on SkyTrain’s Canada Line, 99-B line bus and #9 bus.
Go by this week-end, but definitely within the next week.

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