Cherry Scouts Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Using the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Neighborhood maps for the first time can be intimidating.  Here are some tips.


Let’s say you want to go cherry blossom viewing in Vancouver and want to know which cherry trees are blooming now in your neighborhood:

  • Go to:  The map will open, showing trees that are blooming now.
  • Click on Neighborhood to see which trees are blooming in your neighborhood.
  • Select a location or a type of tree (cultivar). A bubble with a photo of the tree and location will pop up on the map.
  • Click on See forum postings. You’ll be directed to the UBC Forum where you can find more information and pictures about the tree.

When I saw on the map that there was an Okame cherry tree blooming in my neighborhood – and I had never seen and Okame cherry tree before – I took my bike and immediately went to visit this beautiful tree.

Discover new types of cherry trees

blog_20140319_broadwaymclean_accolade_tremblay_IIMG_7247Pwhitcomb-blossom- broadway and cliff by-JT-March72013-IMG_9559

Perhaps you would like to see an Accolade,  or a A Whitcomb? The neighborhood map can help you find various types of cherry trees:

  • Click on Cultivars to discover a new type of cherry trees and see its location.

There are 54 varieties of cherry blossoms in Vancouver. They’re all worth a visit. Try to discover at least 5 different cherry trees every spring. You’ll be an expert in no time!


Still think the neighborhood maps are too complicated?  Visit our Blooming Now page to keep up-to-date with what’s blooming in Vancouver and see a list of of the festival’s favorites that are currently in bloom.  It’s that easy!  No maps involved!


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