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blog-haiga-robertdrouilhet-winnerUSpoem 2013

lighting a path

for the cherry blooms

first grade teacher

— Robert Michael Drouilhet (Picayune, Mississippi)

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival HaikuInvitational Winner –  Best U.S. poem

This poem is comparing first grade students to cherry blooms. The teacher might be lighting the path of the students literally (perhaps with a flashlight during a field trip) or metaphorically as he is guiding them on the path of life.

The best haiku always leave room for interpretation and can have various meanings. Read some suggestions for writing haiku and submit your haiku to the contest starting March 1.

To learn how to write a winning haiku, visit our haiku table during Sakura Days Japan Fair (April 5-6 2014).  Our volunteers are past judges and past winners of the VCBF Haiku Invitational, so they can answer any questions you may have about haiku.  We will be in the glasshouse.

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