Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Master Kawazu and Kaeru from Old Pond Comics admire cherry blossoms at night (yozakura)

I’m so glad the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is presenting a new program called Sakura Illumination tour that will feature cherry blossom viewing at night (called yozakura in Japanese).

The Sakura Illumination Tour is a mobile night time installation which will illuminate various cherry blossom sites in public parks and beaches while in full bloom. Stuart Ward of Hfour Design will use projectors and lanterns to illuminate a few trees at a time with his sensory projection artwork. The single night quality reflects the tempo of the blossoms, and their varying bloom times.

The Sakura Illumination Tour will follow the peak bloom of our cherry trees April 4-30, between 8:30pm-10:30pm  and is dependent on the weather. Check out the VCBF website for location and showtime or click the picture below.

Sakura Illumination tour

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